Strike 1

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The lack of civics, according to me, is bad here.
You may think that would make me leave - dead wrong.
It gives me a reason to stay.

This statement is meant to be annoying, but not rude.


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    Just a friendly heads up: We've had to temporarily ban users in the past that have been disagreeable and overly vocal. I wouldn't want you to end up missing out for any length of time just because you weren't aware of this.

    If you need to discuss something, sending a PM to @Corwinnn is always the first step. As a moderator, he will advise on what you should, shouldn't, can, or can't do. There are quite a few users other than yourself here on the forums that don't have the best tact and things tend to spiral out of control a little too easily. However, creating many and frequent discussions is definitely not the best choice.
  • On another topic: I know you like lands, and I've got a contest going right now for them. Feel free to swing by and enter if you like!
  • I saw... just pondering it.
  • @Corwinnn

    Please close this thread before an inevitable firestorm erupts
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    Civics, dude. If it does cause a firestorm, one shouldn't be a dolt and condemn people in the first place. As long as it's done in a polite and sensible way, that's all that matters, even if it's a firestorm.

    Your proving right now there's a terrible lack of civics. Don't feed the fire, sideswipe it if you must.
  • @Reizon

    I am talking about you... YOU, will cause said firestorm
  • It’s also civility. You’ve been using the wrong word this whole while!
  • That first post is more cryptic than literally anything I have ever posted. I would say good job, but since you are apparently trying to air an actual grievance, that seems to be a mistake.

    There is no lack of civility on MTGCardsmith- people just don't like the forums getting spammed with a million threads.
  • @Reizon - This site has always been a safe haven for all who choose to enter into it's doors, and as much as I want you to have the best opportunity to thrive here, you've done your best to disrupt and antagonize even the most accepting of our members.

    I'm going to close a bunch of open threads, and shut down any flame wars that might be brewing or blown up. Please take some time to reflect on the type of person you want to be here on this site, should you choose to remain.

    If you can't be civil in someone else's house, you may soon find yourself out in the cold.
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