murkletins - Three week, Weekly challenge (December, 2019. Week 2 ongoing)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, starting a challenge with only favorites and follows as the prizes, just to see how popular one of my own can be. Without further adieu, let's get to the premise

Weekly challenges:
1st week: Post a card that features visually and/or mechanically, ways of breaking a mind.
2nd week: Post a card that features a critter, anthropomorphic animal, or furry creature.
3rd week: Post a card that features an effect that benefits an opponent, as well as yourself.

Is there an entry limit? --> 3 cards per week, no old cards for each week. (Weeks end each Sunday night.)

Is there an end date? --> At the end of the third week.

How to win prizes:
1) At the end of each week, (Sunday) myself will judge each card posted that week.
2) Myself will rate each card, on a score out of 10.
3) Prizes will be awarded based on the respective card's score.

Scored prizes: (Favorites are of your choice, on cards you've made.)
0/10 to 3/10. Results in no prize.
4/10 to 5/10. Results in one favorite.
6/10 to 7/10. Results in two favorites.
8+/10. Results in four favorites and a follow.

This is my little experiment, so hopefully it does reasonably!



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