Combo Challenge/Johnny Challenge!!!

Hello! It's me, twighlight8, and I have a somewhat unique challenge for you. This one may require a slightly more intimate knowledge of MTG gameplay than other challenges, and it's not for the faint of heart - or brain!

So, the challenge. I recently came across this article, in my opinion one of the coolest decks EVER:

Your task is this: read the article - sorry if you're a TLDR kind of person - and design me a sideboard for that deck i.e. a combo. The more complex and fun the better. If you have no idea what I'm on about, chances are you haven't read the article.


1. You have infinite mana to play with.
2. You have access to all the cards in the decklist, but the sideboard is all you.

The Rules:

1. No more than 15 cards (standard sideboard size) per person.
2. No need for art, but it would be nice...
3. This challenge ends on the 2nd of February 2020.
4. No copying existing cards!

Judge Criteria:

1. Originality - something that has never been done before. Not necessarily a new way of winning.
2. Complexity - the more complex the combo, the more cards in it, the more likely it is to win the contest.
3. Realism - cards must not be so overpowered as to seem like Wizards would not design them.
4. Playability - is the combo flawed? What are its weaknesses? Would they make it unplayable?


1st: Follow and 3 favourites on cards of their choice.
2nd: Follow and 2 favourites on cards of their choice.
3rd: Follow and 1 favourite on a card of their choice.

Runners up/awesome cards: favourite on card itself.

I doubt this contest will get much of a lookin, so you're probably in with a chance if you enter.


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