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Borrowing the idea for favorite card of the year nomination discussion, this is just for fun/off topic, I would like you guys to pick one card that another cardsmith made of you this year and copy and paste it here. It has been a fun year in cards being made, and I felt like this was a big enough topic that it deserved some type of discussion.

The rules! (Yep. There is rules.)

1.) You can only nominate 1 card. When you make a comment here, please post a picture link here to the card. If you don't know how to do that, a link will suffice.
2.) Please give a little explanation as to why this is the card you chose to be nominated. The creator of the card will be happy to hear about why you nominated it I'm sure!
3.) Since the end of the year is still on its way, and more cards are to be made, you ARE allowed to change your nomination at any time before I ask the mighty squirrel to close this discussion. (Heck, I may have to do this myself, IDK lol.)
4.) Nominations will be accepted until Saturday, January 4th 2020 11:59 est, USA.

Let's spread the love for our fellow cardsmiths! - SJ :)

**For each person that nominates a card, I will favorite a card of your choice for you if you request one. I would just really like to see people show support to the other cardsmiths that showed their support to you when they made you a card for you. :) **


  • So I will start this shindig off. Here is my nomination:

    @shadow123 with Sorinjace's Grasp:


    So I picked this one because the ability is straight up something I would play. It fits nicely into a good chunk of decks I run, especially my Scarab God commander deck. Not only this, but it was also published on my birthday. I don't think it was on purpose, but that makes this even better. So, shadow123 got my nomination!
  • I nominate @TenebrisNemo's:
    It's a clever design, it's in my favorite shard, and Tenebris made it :)
    Only thing it's missing is the ability that the Treasure tokens have...
  • I nominate @TheWanderer's
    Mostly just because it's made for me, and it also represents what I would do under the circumstances. (Use the eldrazi's power against them.)
  • @Faiths_Guide - I remembered that was your favorite shard from last year! The Treasure tokens are identical to the others, the ability reminder text just didn't fit into the card unfortunately, but it can be found from the Disqus comment of the card!

    Anyway, I didn't get many cards from myself this year, so the nomination is quite easy: @Ranshi's Brise Shadowspeaker!


    I love Shades, the artwork, and the ability. Ranshi brilliantly created a card which is a mirror image of myself!
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    Since this has turned into (if it wasn't already) about nominating your favorite card that was made for you...
    @TenebrisNemo, it's funny that you nominated my card of you; I loved the elegance of your Ranshi, Your Worst Fear
    It is an excellent way to structure a commander for Phobias, a type of card I particularly like and have made many of. Thank you for acknowledging that little passion of mine!
  • @Ranshi that is exactly what this discussion is about, nominating your favorite card made for you by another cardsmith made in 2019! :)
  • I have to nominate @shadow123 with Drake, Arena King:
    Definitly a quality card, and one that I would run in a commander deck. Close behind it were Zuuko, Ancient Warrior, by Revan, and Gladis, Pious Soul, also by Revan.
  • One more day to make your nominations from last year guys.
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    Three Shadows by @benw

    I like this card because it is so versatile and flavorful. The artwork, which I believe benw made makes it even better!
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  • It’s January 7th!
  • No more nominations please lol. Sorry I have been busy lately. Ok so anyone who has nominated that would like a favorite from me, please let me know here. Thanks!! That is the end of this discussion in a nut shell, thank you for sharing your favorites again with all of us guys!
  • @Corwinnn, can you please close this discussion? Thanks!

    Guys that I owe a favorite to from this discussion, if you want a favorite from me, just private message me the card thanks.
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