I had an idea... for a 1,000 card set

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You see, I was think about old Magic sets, and how the Weatherlight saga all took place on one or two planes... what if everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) made a set based on MTG Cardsmith, as if it we're a plane? the amount of cards would be INSANE but if it was made, then more and more cards can be submitted and soon enough, it be a Saga like the Weatherlight.

What is your thoughts? Is this to ambitious? Do you think it won't work?

Thank you for reading.


  • Do it! At least get as many people as possible in on it!
  • I am familiar enough with the lore to help.
  • Assuming that the set would be balanced and made to the logic of an actual set (draftable and so on as opposed to simply being a heap of a thousand cards) then I don't think it would ever be completed.

    This community doesn't exactly have a great track record of staying on normally-sized set projects for extended periods (I know that there are exceptions, but they mostly just prove the rule from what I've seen). In addition, I really can't imagine that you could make a proper common rarity thing under any circumstances. Too many cards would overlap end up too complex.

    One vague potential thing to mention is that EnvyReaper had an idea for a thousand-and-something card set a while back called Peace in Dumaran. I can't remember why, but it was cut down into three logically-sized sets early in the design process. It then fell apart and stopped being worked, but that might be besides the point. I'm not really sure what point I'm going for mentioning this, but it seemed like it might be worth saying.

    If what you mean is "Everybody makes N cards relating to the idea of Cardsmith, then we put all of those submissions together to make a set" then it's an interesting idea. It'd be more of a card-heap than an actual set, but interesting and potentially hilarious.

    To clarify, I'm not against the idea. I just don't believe that it'll get done. If I'm proven wrong I'll be happy.
  • @MemoryHead, I understand this. I imagine a saga of sets, 6 or 7.

    Your saying of it being too complicated with the rarity, that makes sense, but we could always shift rarities or make new cards.

    I just wanted to make something insane and quite stupid for the fun of Magic. And I hope enough people like the idea that it COULD get done, and if not this discussion will be closed and never touched.

    Thank you for your criticism and these things will be taken into account when making.

    Do you mind if I take your comment and put it in the main discussion for people to see and understand that it needs to be taken into account and see why it can fail?
  • Yes! YES!

    I am so in. Finally, a project with too many members to fail!
  • Let's go! Are we all to be planeswalker visitors and legendary creatures?

    I surmise that @sorinjace's presence would be accountable for an inclusion of canon Jace and Sorin cards.
    Perhaps any user with a name of a sort of reference would likely warrant such a cameo of the given character.
    If we are to have a story, some must volunteer as Villains and as heroes. I am inclined to volunteer as the former.
  • If this gets big and hyped up enough, I'll participate to help.
  • Ask me if you need help with story.
  • This could be an interesting concept to explore
  • It would be cool if there was a custom mechanic named “Bump”
  • This seems rather interesting.
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    @IzItTru, how does this sound?

    Bump as an action word in the set. It would be dealing 1 damage to a creature you control, giving it haste.
  • @Ranshi seems cool! I was thinking a blink effect but I like yours better.
  • I was thinking something to do with the top card of your library.
  • Myself, I was thinking of a reanimation effect, but I shall defer to others.
  • My bump: Bump (Put the bottom card of your library on top of your library.)
  • Korand’s makes more sense.
  • Might be cool if it was reverse scry (look at the bottom x cards of your library instead of top)
  • That could work. It could also be graveyard manipulation, but that doesn't work as well.
  • Also, if it was reverse scry, there could be a case made for limited amounts of it in all colors, given that any color can Scry 1.
  • May I join this?
  • I can help work out the several rarities and colors of cards / number of artifacts / number of lands.

    Do we make our own representative card?
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    1. No way we'll ever finish this, given our track record.*
    2. I am so in.

    *That was a joke, even though our track record is spotty to say the least.

    EDIT: But in all honesty, I think we should approach this more as a set about MTG Cardsmith than as a 1,000 card set.
  • It's a bit sad that this needs a bump already. That said, I'll do it.

    @Dom_Rocks anything else you want to say?
  • How about everyone submits a card to represent themselves? It’s a good way of starting to flush out the set.

    On another note what kind of plane would mtgcardsmith look like?
  • An empty white field dotted with text, but able to be warped into absolutelly everything by powerful mages of all kinds.
  • The natural terrain is plain and unshaped, as magic is drawn into it and from it, the land shapes in an ever-changing landscape of exotic locale.
  • Thats what I said.
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