Creature Keywords on Non-Creatures

I‘ve been thinking about interesting areas that cards could be in that Wizards hasn’t explored enough. I’ve always enjoyed —
and •Lands

with creature keywords (for example, lifelink or deathtouch). So I decided I should make a contest so you all, (who sometimes I have more faith in than Wizards to properly use mechanics), can make cards. I don’t have a definite end point, but at some point It’ll end with notice, with this prize table:
•All entries that I like get a favorite. (applies to top 3)
•3rd Place: 4 favorites of my choice, and a follow.
•2nd Place: 4 favorites of your choice, and a follow.
•1st Place: 7 favorites of your choice, and a follow on your account. You may also have me favorite an account of one of your friends.


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