Artwork Challenge

Welcome to the first challenge!

Here is the Artwork -

The challenge is simple. Make a card based on your interpretation of the art work.
-Any colors
-Any CMC
-Serious or Funny

The idea behind this challenge is the same as the first one I did. I want to see how diverse or similar we are as card makers by looking at what we come up with from a single picture. The last time we all stayed fairly close with our colors, but our ideas we're a little more diverse. There was a theme, but that was mostly based on the colors, as none of the cards had the same abilities.

Everyone gets a favorite for entering. I know last time I made cards, but that was when I thought only three of you would enter! There will be THREE winners this time. One for Popular Vote, one for Personal Favorite and one for Best Name! Each of the top three winners will get a personalized card made by me... Either fun, serious or for a set they might be making.

Now show me what you got!!


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