planeswalker family set

each set has to have a custom planeswalker from the official planeswalker list and a few made to be family of that card all other cards have to tie in to that card. I'm doing a Chandra themed


  • Official planeswalker list?

    Also, do we just make "family," because we have absolutely no clue about Ajani's family, and they already made Jazal; likewise, we don't know anything about Elspeth's family and Narset's family. The list goes on and on; I'm not clued in on almost the entire roster of official planeswalker spanning Magic's entire existence - Sarkhan, Ugin, Nahiri, the blue/black planeswalker from Theros, Xenagos, Vraska, Gideon, etc.
  • yeah its up to you how their family is have fun
  • After you guys finish do you mind if I see them?
  • Sorry, but I'm opting out. I like Magic's storyline, and would preferably stick to it.
  • oh okay well have fun
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    This is a cool concept, however, I can see what Damnation is saying. With Magic-Origins out, we are learning more about the origins of some of the planeswalkers, but not most of them. And, as it has been shown, the "family" of the planeswalker is not other planeswalkers. They could just be normal people. Or in the case of the one you mentioned above, Chandra, her parents already are a non-planeswalker card. You understand that all planeswalkers start out normal until their spark ignites, right?

    It just seems kind of silly to think of a whole family of planeswalkers.

  • This is just another reminder about planeswalkers, but a planeswalker spark is a less-than-one-in-a-million thing you're born with, and an even lesser percentage even have their spark activated.
  • My idea was to put your concept of what a family would be like if they were plansewalkers but I see what you mean
  • I am not one to just blindly put ideas down, though, so let me see how you rework this. What if you did a new challenge where players had to create their OWN planeswalker, then had to make 3-5 non-planeswalker cards to go along with it? They could be relatives, family, comrades, pets, etc... but have to relate to the planeswalker the person makes and helps tell the story of that planeswalker?
  • i like that idea i wanted to do something like that but didn't know if that hsd been done before so i posted this
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