The Tome of Ancient Wars (Verses 2293-2300)

A long time ago, there once was a plane called Asorath.
Asorath was once a lush green plane filled with life. But now it is a harsh desolate plane filled with fierce warfare, and death. Where once there were fields of wildflowers, now there are war camps. Where once there were forests, now there are large fortresses. In the fortresses armies are gathering to destroy their foes. On the plane of Asorath war is everything, either you are the conquerer or the conquered.
Asorath is not without good, Angels patrol the skies over the just mens' camps against the enemies' dragons. These angels are battle-hardened and fierce, but good.
On Asorath dragons have extremely tough scales, making them almost impossible to kill. Match that with their flaming breath and they are the ultimate killing machine. Serving only the most fierce evil being. Foremost among these evils is the Demonlord Jaarl-Khan.
Jaarl-Khan rules over a quarter of all of the plane of Asorath, his rule is a harsh and cruel one. All kinds of evils serve him. Other demons, devils, imps, dragons, goblins and corrupt men. Deep under ground in the heart of Asorath is his huge fortress in the heart of Asorath.

To be continued.


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