What would more eldrazi titans be like?

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In case you didn't know what the different Titans are like, here:
Ulamog is mostly humanoid, only he has more hands and no face, and tentacles. It warps the physical properties.
Kozilek is partially humanoid, with a very small or nonexistent head, and plates of bone or rock floating above it. Also tentacles. It warps reality.
Emrakul resembles most closely a jellyfish, with most of its body being tentacles that fuse into a mushroom-like structure on top. It warps creatures' biology.
(https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/savor-flavor/three-brood-lineages-2010-04-28 This goes into more detail, and is more accurate.)
Beyond my infamous Quo'aqo (Who warps intelligence), what other types of titans would there be? What would their brood look like? Cards are welcome, but this isn't a contest.


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    I already made another Eldrazi Titan called Emozamog, who is the Titan's broodmother and birthed them in the Blind Entities. She warps the life-force and soul of creatures. Her brood looks like a cross between all of the titans', with latticed skin, bifurcating arms and angular tentacles.
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    This beauty here is Temozok, the time warper. He warps time itself, using it selectively to control beings and matter around him. His brood appears to be wearing robes and they have numerous tentacles surrounding their hands. They have feet and heads, and look very human like.
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    I have this one. It is meant to be a fusion of different spawn to form it's avatar.

    "Alfor is a titan that isn't a titan. A strange being appearing only when the others let it. When it comes though, all life becomes distorted, the land shifts, and death comes. It can't create spawn, only be birthed from it."

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