(Meal) on (Plane) - Short Order contest

Hello! I thought I'd post a contest/creation prompt for everyone to entertain myself. I was watching the film Breakfast at Tiffany's the other day, and I thought, "I wonder what breakfast on Innistrad is like?" Your task is to craft a card/cycle of cards that reflect a meal on a given plane. It could be Dinner on Ravnica, Lunch on Fiora, Tea on Zendikar, etc. just make your meal stand out.

- The title of the card must follow the format: (Meal) on (Plane).
- Each smith is allotted three (3) entries.

Beyond that, your imagination is the limit.

This contest is a short order contest, so it will be open for one week (seven 24-hour periods) from the date and time of its posting.

Everyone who submits a card will have that card liked and be followed by me (if you aren't already).
- My favorite card at the end of the contest will receive 4 likes on any cards of your choice (not just your own).
- Second favorite will receive 3 likes of your choice.
- Third favorite will receive 2 likes of your choice.

If your have further questions feel free to ask. Otherwise, have fun!!


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