Tarkir - Rebellion

You know what? I love Tarkir. If I see someone making a lot of Tarkir cards, I usually follow them and favourite those cards.

Since I love the plane so much, I made my own set called Tarkir - Rebellion.
After Sarkhan changed the timeline of the plane, he brought back the Dragonlords. However, not everyone is happy with this. There are rebellions uprising everywhere.


I would like you to make cards depicting this rebellion. There a two sides in this war, the Dragons (Lead by Sarkhan Vol) and the Rebel Clans (Lead by Narset).

You can have any number of entries.
New cards only.
No funny/unglued cards

1st - 7 favourites of your choice and a follow
2nd - 5 favourites of your choice and a follow
3rd - 4 favourites of your choice and a follow
4th - 3 favourites of your choice

Contest ends when I say so. (End of February, roughly)

Give me some Tarkir cards!


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    I also love Tarkir. With a name like "Tarkir- Rebellion" I feel that a cycle of "Raid Lands" might be really cool.
  • Yes. Goooood.
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    Here we go, my first entry! I like Tarkir as well, and I knew there was a card when I saw the art

  • Based on the Siege (https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=433082), and designed to work with it.


    I'd love to do a cycle of these, not sure if I'll get to it though :D

  • @shadaar Yeah! So you are going with the cycle?
  • @ArchieTaylor I think so. I loved the original cycle, and it captures the feeling of 2 sides fighting really well. I just wasn't sure if I could finish a full cycle (they take a bit to design/find art for haha), but I'll give it a shot and keep adding them as I make them!
  • I shall enter when I get some time
  • @ArchieTaylor
    Got a couple of questions (as a lover of Tarkir myself)
    1. Are Narset and Sarkhan going against each other in this? In Khans they were friends, and I think they're still friends at the end of Dragons considering Sarkhan meets her when she is starting to search for Ugin.
    2. What changed Narset's mind about knowledge? During Dragons, she uncovered the truth, and solely her, but she kept it to herself and began a journey for more knowledge, in the path of a knowledge-seeking Ojutai monk. What made the switch to a rebellious leader? Although Narset is already a planeswalker, would it maybe make more sense to have someone that's not Sarkhan's ally and a neutral truth-seeker lead the rebellion? Say if someone like Zurgo found out about the past and the power he had lost?
    3. When you say "Rebel clans", is that Wizards' already made Rebel clan or is it different? A clarification just because anything with the type "Rebel" in it can be pulled out of a deck by current Rebel cards, so balancing might come into play.

    Sorry if this is random and confusing! I really love Tarkir and will probably contribute, just a little confused if this is like alternate timeline or continued timeline for purposes of flavor and such
  • @RohanDragoon Those are good questions
  • @RohanDragoon

    1: Narset and Sarkhan are friends, but with the rebellions arising, Sarkhan must stick to the side of the dragons. Narset has forsaken Ojutai after he did something bad (Dunno what).

    2: As said above, Narset has forsaken Ojutai after he did something bad, and she has sided with the rebels, even if it means leaving her friend Sarkhan.

    3: The rebel clans have the creature type rebel, but generally can't recruit other rebels (Though that's a good idea)

    It's the same timeline as Dragons, but the knowledge of the previous clans has been made more open and some are not happy with what the dragons and Sarkhan destroyed.
  • @ArchieTaylor
    If you guys want we can add this to the Script, just submit a request here:
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    Slow day at work, finished the cycle XD
  • Yes! Tis a good cycle.
  • thanks! it was fun to make. I would LOVE them to go back to Tarkir. my Ur-Dragon dragon tribal commander deck is waiting patiently haha
  • I usually don't like using cards I made for other contests, but this one fits so perfectly. my last entry I think

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    "That was kind of crap."
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    Here are some cards so this thread won't be just dead. Think of them as some important figures among the rebels for each clan respectively. You can make up the stories obviously. My creativity seems to be retarded should I make them stories anyway.

    image image image image
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    I created the son of Surrak Dragonclaw
  • image
    I imagine that Silumgar has spies everywhere. Some of which are actually of his brood.
  • @zamshala Thanks for your entries. The contest was dying, and I was about to judge it early.
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