0 creature set

The set must be able to kill the openet some way
You can have no creatures in the set

1st place : follow + 2 faves

2nd place : 2 faves

3rd place : 1 fave


  • This seems a little unclear, so I'm going to pose a few questions and an important point:

    - Is this supposed to be a contest or a set creation? It's got aspects of both (prizes / scoreboard from a contest, but classed and stated as a custom card set) and I'm not really sure.

    - You should probably clarify what people are supposed to be doing. Is our goal to make a non-creature card that can win the game in some way? Is it to make non-creature cards that could fit together into a viable set?

    - If your goal is creating a set that contains zero creature cards, I'd recommend you reconsider. Unless you've already got a lot of set design experience and you think you've got the patience to create, balance and oversee that sort of thing, it's most likely doomed to failure. I theorised a set containing only instant and sorcery spells a while ago and eventually wrote it off as "I'm acceptably good at making entire custom sets, but this is borderline impossible without a team of the highly skilled and patient". It can be made to work, but I'd recommend something a little more workable.
  • @Omtegu , @MemoryHead
    I have similarly theorized such a set myself and while I haven't entirely written it off, I don't think it's viable or easy to design. It'd require a stark bend/warp of the color pie to work and need to be heavily based in creature tokens in all five colors. I will probably make a black-bordered set with combine before I make a set with no creatures.
  • Arceus makes a good point about how we'd need to take some liberties with the color pie and probably still need to spam creature tokens to make it viable

    But I do think it's doable and would be willing to take part in set design if that's your intention
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