Apology for my recent absence - murkletins

Hello fellow cardsmiths, myself made a lot of promises then went dark for quite a while. Myself am in the process of fulfilling all promises then finishing my contests/challenges.

Afterwards, my discord pals have stated that myself should give the following opportunity to you all, as well. Myself am doing challenges for which there is a very special prize for each in the upcoming months. These challenges offer you the chance to get a commissioned piece of art paid for by myself from a popular artist, to be mentioned later.

1) Would you be interested in this, once myself fulfill my promises?
2) If so, leave a comment showing your support for the idea.

Also, if myself owe you a prize, myself will be getting to that and hope that you'll message myself from here on out to catch my attention as my memory is notoriously awful about the things have decided on.

Myself sincerely apologize for leaving you all behind the last couple of months!

Your mtg fangirl, Mercy.


  • Don't worry, we all go dark from time-to-time.

    An art piece sounds super neat!
  • S'all good Murky, I don't get on here as often as I used to.

    I agree with Mr. Tavern Keep, a nice art piece does sound cool.
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    Don't you worry. No apology needed. :)

    I third the notion on the art piece, that's very generous of you.

    Glad to have you back. :)
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    Like others have said, no harm, no foul on the disappearing act. Things happen, and it's ok to focus on that.

    I'm also interested in the art piece.
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    We're happy to have you, prizes or not. Welcome back Mercy.
  • Thanks for the support everybody. Means a lot to myself.
  • @murkletins - It's nice to have you back. You don't need to apologize when important matters get in your way. The same happens to all of us. Here's a card I made in celebration of your return!

  • I approve of the art. Also, I do want to note that a bunch of smiths seem to be dropping off in activity level, myself included. So don't feel bad. Life happens.
  • I’m just starting to come back after my absence. All my teachers decided to give me a bunch of tests and essays last week :)

    I’m glad you’re back! You’re always a super positive influence on this community,
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