It's Not The Rules That Matter - It's the Flavour

Hello. This is my third contest, and it's all about the flavour now. The challenge is to make a card with the best creative flavour text and/or the best general flavour (like a top-down set - based off some trope or mythology.)

For example, here's a few existing MTG cards with inventive flavour text -

image image image

And here are some with inventive, top-down flavour -



Unglued/joke cards are allowed (I feel like there is room for a lot of flavour here.)

Old cards are allowed.

Up to three entries.


Best Flavour Text:

1st: 4 favourites and a follow

2nd: 3 favourites

Best Top-Down/Inventive Flavour:

1st: 4 favourites and a follow

2nd: 3 favourites

If you win 1st for one of the categories and I'm already following you, then you get 6 favourites instead of 4. Contest ends around the 20th of March or when it dies down - whichever comes first.

Have fun!



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