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I need people from the community to help create cards for a custom set named Regression, comprised around a specific backstory, especially for one planeswalker named Menshis, Great Scientist.

Lore: It's two thousand years in the future of the realm Prognistus, and one scientist is widely known as the most intelligent man in the history of humankind. Utilizing his brilliance, he has reversed aging, cured cancer, and discovered how to solve world hunger. But as the world's next great problem arises and Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more threateningly independent, Menshis turns a blind eye to the troubles of the world and focuses, increasingly obsessively, on his research into a mysterious kind of energy he refers to as mana.
On the day he finally manages to create pure mana, it creates a tear in the fabric of the realm, causing a singularity which leads to two separate realities: one where nothing exists and everything was spontaneously destroyed, and one where the reality held, but a perversion of the very basis of existence had changed. Menshis was transformed irreversibly during this process, becoming the planeswalker of Prognistus.
In the meantime, the choas from the event introduced a focus on destruction and technology for the set. Look for a lot of white/black creatures and spells symbolizing corruption, and lots of blue spells using more complicated effects. Be creative with red cards and try to utilize the chaos to create flavorful burn spells. Use artificial superintelligence to create cards focused on efficiency at all costs of life. Green has a whole new level of focus, meanwhile, on shutting down spells and complicated effects in exchange for efficiency. Also, try to use a specific common counter type that accelerates or focuses on anarchy and disarray: chaos counters.
The single biggest item, though, will be Menshis. Try to create a flavorful planeswalker that represents what he did and who he was. I may also decide to create a legendary creature for Menshis representing him before he transformed.

Here are some examples of cards:
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