Time Anomaly

Hello fellow smiths and welcome to another contest.

The theme today is a little different. You must craft cards with the Suspend ability, with one caveat: They must have no mana cost.


-Any color
-Must have Suspend
-Any rarity
-No mana cost

There is no card limit, but please be reasonable, as I have to look through every card.

Bonus's might be awarded for cycles.

Prizes will be as follows:
-1st: A follow and 3 Faves
-2nd: 2 Faves
-3rd: 1 Fave
-Revan's Pick: 2 Faves
-Anomalous: 1 Fave and I will create an Anomaly card for you.

Newer cards will take precedence over older ones.

Happy smithing.

FYI: When making a card with no converted mana cost, if you want it to have a color, use italicized text in the ability box to denote such.


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