Shadows of Ether Set

Hello peoples of the internet. I am in dire need of some help with a card set that I started a few weeks ago.

It's based around medieval times, with knights and necromancers and stuff. I thought I would have lots of inspiration and I would be able to make a 60 card deck out of it really easily, but that hasn't happened yet. I really need some help on this, and if you guys can help make cards for me, that would be awesome. All the cards need to have the Born of the Gods logo, and you can check out my card set as it is to get an idea of what I need.

Here's the amount of cards I need.

8 creatures, Human, Angel, or Elf.
1 Enchantment, Aura
1 sorcery
2 Instants

7 creatures, Thorn, Undead, Zombie, Necromancer
2 sorceries
2 instants

3 artifacts,
2 artifact creatures,

Please try to keep the cards within the theme for the set

Don't post cards if you don't want them to be used in the real game.
Thank you :D


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