Card Wording Help and Checking (Linjam)

Hello People.

TLDR: Post your card or card wording here and I'll see about editing and changing it if needed. I won't change anything about the card if I can, if I do by accident please tell me.

For about a year now I've been browsing MTG Cardsmith as a pastime I thoroughly enjoy, however I've never had enough time being a school student to be as active or create as many cards as I'd like to. However, another thing I enjoy is helping and suggesting wording to people who make great cards. Since I don't have time to trawl through cards to find ones to fix, I'm creating a thread so that you guys who want help can get it.

I'm on Cardsmith at least once a day, if only for a short time sometimes, and I'll check this thread as a first priority.

Also, if you are looking for feedback on a card you think is too powerful or what-have-you, then I'm not the person to ask - I'm not terribly good at judging. However, a great guy named Callous has a feedback thread on the forums, and his feedback is always excellent and to the point - if you need it, check him out here:

One last thing, please tell me if I have accidentally distorted the purpose of your card in rewording it - if you like, post a short explanation of what it's meant to do and I'll take that into account.
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