best color decks

mine is the jeskai ones


  • AKA white and blue
  • Blue (Insert colour here). I have a white blue, a black blue, a green blue and a red blue. each play very differently and each are hella fun.
  • White. I have a black-white, a blue-white, and a green white. I really want a red-white and am in the process of making one.
  • Monoblack Something-or-other or Red/White Agro are my best. White/Blue/Black/Green Warrior Tribal is definitely a runner-up, and the most fun by far.
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    I enjoy abzan "rolling stone" where I build up a lot of power by bolstering and using outlast, then start swinging huge punches. awesome in multiplayer because of the fact that you almost never look like a threat until it's to late.

    runner up for me is white-black cutthroat kitchen. awesome mechanics behind it, and a lovely unique style of play.(PS: all modern cutthroat kitchen decks need four copies of Cauldron Haze. It is OP with cards like Blood artist and Zulaport Cutthroat.

    My third choice goes to selesnya populate. I love the idea of swarming your opponent with tokens, and My best deck(until I lost half of it) was a selesnya populate deck.
  • Blue-Green. Blue provides the intense utility which is always what any deck needs more of while Green provides more versatility and win-game spells. They just never get any love from sets though...
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