Minimum amount of cards required in order to favourite


Thoughts? Since the incident the other night I've been thinking about this. Seems like a decent way to at least somewhat hose using dummy accounts.


  • As in, if you haven't made at least, say, 27 cards... then you can't make a card a favorite?
  • Something like that, but I Was thinking a more reasonable 5 cards, or even 2-3?
  • LoL what about 9... that's a full page
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    I don't feel like dummy favorites are a big enough issue to take action against. They're annoying, sure, but people notice them, notify the administrators, and take them down. I mean, I, personally, can only think of two or three instances of this happening.
  • I can only think of two
  • We've been tossing this around as well, good points everyone. We'll keep everyone posted should something new get released.
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    How about this.
    If you make 1 card, you can add N cards to your favorite.

    Edit ; I realized this idea is off the point of here. Never mined..
  • Can't you just make crappy cards with the intent to be allowed to favourite?

    There isn't any concrete way to do this. Unless you do something like, active for a week or whatever, which is kind of hard to monitor. Or a 'button' on everyone's profile that moderators can click to allow favouriting. I don't know. Like I said, there is no easy way to do it without a legion of support to the MTGcardsmith mods by trusted subordinates. I personally have never seen one of these cards you guys are talking about, so I don't think it's a huge problem, but I have been off and on pretty regularly the last little while.

    I think the easiest way is to report the problem. The site is too small in terms of moderators to be able to do it any other way.
  • Yeah, I've seen one. It hit the popular cards section once.

    I don't like the problem either, but I think the simplest solution, is to simply report the card and point out the mess of dummy accounts faving the card.
  • "The site is too small in terms of moderators to be able to do it any other way."
  • What happened last night? I missed it.
  • I think just leaving the card so the Mods can do as they see fit is still our best option. It's sad to see, but sometimes people get the fever to have their cards stand out. Plus, as happens all too often, good cards get missed if no one is around to see them!
  • See, the moderator gets it. Ha ha ha.

    Besides, we're cardsmith's. Our work is honed and crafted for ourselves, forged from a desire to create, not exploit. Spread to our fellow smith's for aid in critic and improvement. If the shallow undertones of a 'like' button or in this case a favourite button is your only intent, then you will see them few and far between. The desire is there, it always will be, to have the respect and admiration from our fellow smiths, but we don't over step our bounds. We don't poke and prod, coveting ill gotten praise as though it were the treasured hoard beneath our feet. We display proud our work, we work proudly at each other's sides, and we keep our heads held high and our grins ever present on our stupid faces when we exceed our own expectations.

    The true purpose of a smith will always be to keep their forges burning with the adoration of Magic, and their cards tempered on the anvil of creativity and imagination.

    We know this. We respect this. We love this.

    In Magic we trust.
  • We have a poet up in here.
  • We came
    We saw
    We create(d)
  • I think I am a little too 'flavour' eccentric sometimes, ha ha.
  • No, Suicidal_Deity, you are not too 'flavour' eccentric. Or, if you are, we need more eccentrics like you, mate!
  • Oh, stop it. -blushes-
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