The Sin War

Hello all, i have recently joined the site and forums and I gotta say I love the site. its easy to use and understand and a lot of fun. Anyways I'm currently in the process of creating a Diablo themed set.

So far i only have one card because i keep scrapping some of them. but i have tons of ideas for the direction i want this set to go.

Currently I'm thinking of a battle of the wits/Exodia type deck for the Demon deck (staying the way it is) and a populate/life gain (subject to change) for the Angel deck.

The demon deck will work in similar fashion to Yu-Gi-Oh's Exodia, meaning you will have to summon the 4 lesser and 3 prime evils along with the black soulstone in order to summon the Prime evil (after being summoned you win the game).

However the demon deck itself will seem to be over powered, but the deck comes with cards that help the opponent over come most of the over poweredness of this deck (The Hellforge, The Hellforge Hammer, and other related cards)

The Angel deck i haven't gotten to yet mainly because i haven't finished the demon deck. So the Angel deck is open to ideas and such. and if i do use some of your ideas i will credit you in the end product of this custom set. i will check this thread regularly Monday-Friday and not at all on Saturday and Sunday. Thank you.


  • Right forgot to link my cards i have so far.
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    Little update, i was talking to one of my friends about this set idea and we brainstormed a bit. and we came up with some decent ideas. there are going to be 3 decks total in this set. The Prime Evil deck, The Angiris Council deck, and a Reaper of Souls deck.

    The play styles of these decks are far from the original MTG play style. meaning that all 3 of these decks will play in synergy with each other to balance each other out. no deck will be better/worse than the other.

    And on that note there will roughly 150 cards per deck to choose from and make a viable strategy from.
  • I have just made my fist Planeswalker for the set check it out and give me some feedback if you think its too over powered or not. although the Planeswalker may seem that way due to the whole set not being finished just keep that in mind.
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