Battle of the Planeswalkers

Hello Everyone!, i'm back from days of classwork and testing, ugh. But anyway! i could be breaking the rules here but I'm setting up a new challenge! (I finish the old ones at some point i'm having a hard time choosing. they're all good) But now i know specifically what i'm looking for. Now in my custom set which can be found in the Custom Card Set discussion section (That's why i might be breaking the rules) But back to the point, For my set i will be having all the main planeswalkers make an appearance like a core set. The reason they will all be reappearing is a battle that will be happening on the Fallen plane of Ravnica. So i want you amazing people to Create a new version of those planeswalkers and give me a story on how they came to Ravnica, i can take it from there.


Sorin Markov

Gideon Jura

Chandra Nalaar

Liliana Vess

Nissa Revane

Garruk Wildspeaker

Ajani Goldmane

Nicol Bolas

As for Jace he's already on the plane, and a personal project. So Yeah. A New edition of Planeswalker and how they came to ravnica. Let's see what you got!


  • Cool idea. Can we change a character's back story?
  • All you want, just keep them who they are
  • Sorree for broken English on the card, space constraints, ya know?

    Ajani's Agenda:
    --Basically, Ajani came to seek out Sorin, who is presumably on Ravnica, to ask if there is a way to commune with Elspeth's spirit after the events of Theros.

    --Searching for Bolas 'cause he blames Bolas for possibly having Ashiok mess with him and Elspeth on Theros.

    --If Xenagos was in your story arc, Ajani would be hunting him for him kind of resulting in Elspeth's death kinda mebe ioafhjp oifhpdisajgpj90psa0dgjsap0gf
  • Here's A new Bolas!
    Nicol Bolas, Intrigued

    Nicol Bolas, through his interplanar connections and networks, has heard of a plane called "Ravnica". His eyes and ears tell him of a city of guilds that has since fallen into chaos. Among the ten guilds, his curiosity has been drawn towards the mages of the Izzet League; Niv-Mizzet, in particular. Idle chatter tells of the dragon genius who conspires with the planeswalker Jace Beleren. Bolas finds himself intrigued by the dragon wizard and his interplanar companion and has traveled to the plane personally in a ploy to learn all there is to be learned of Ravnica and it's secrets... Before ultimately enslaving or eradicating it.
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