Deck list challenge

Okay, to celebrate Commander 2015, I had made an commander card that is Boros colored (Red, White). Here it is

I just want you to come up with a deck list that uses this card effectively. The rules here for this challenge is simple. Know all of the commander rules, and the deck must not be fun ruining. Also, you can create your own cards for this. The maximum number of custom cards is 20. For the rest of the existing cards, please link them so I can see what the card does. This challenge ends at November 11, 2015. I had made it this long because making a commander deck can be time consuming. Also, for the custom cards, please post them first so I can check to see if hey are acceptable.

I hope you enjoyed this challenge and lets begin.


  • Here is a card that would work well in conjunction with your commander
  • @Corwinnn, Alright, I accept the card. You may use it for the challenge.
    Irenothos, Raid Commander 1

    LAND: 52
    Mountain 20
    Plains 20
    Boros Guildgate 1
    Boros Garrison 1
    Battlefield Forge 1
    Clifftop Retreat 1
    Rugged Prairie 1
    Sacred Foundry 1
    Slayers' Stronghold 1
    Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion 1
    Wind-Scarred Crag 1
    Command Tower 1
    Opal Palace 1
    Temple of the False God 1
    (Basically all just taplands. Sunhome gives double strike. Slayers' gives vigilance and haste.)

    Benalish Commander 1
    Brimaz, King of Oreskos 1
    Captain of the Watch 1
    Chancellor of the Forge 1
    Darien, King of Kjeldor 1
    Geist-Honored Monk 1
    Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker 1
    Hero of Bladehold 1
    Siege-Gang Commander 1
    (All of these are farms with which to pump out ludicrous numbers of tokens.)

    Phantom General 1
    Balefire Liege 1
    Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite 1
    Consul's Lieutenant 1
    Daru Warchief 1
    Jazal Goldmane 1
    Nobilis of War 1
    (These ones are aimed at making your tokens as scary as all heck.)

    Akroan Hoplite 1
    Boros Recruit 1
    Isamaru, Hound of Konda 1
    Monastery Swiftspear 1
    Doomed Traveler 1
    Serra Ascendant 1
    Vexing Devil 1
    Elite Vanguard 1
    Fencing Ace 1
    Boros Swiftblade 1
    (These are just good, aggressive, cheap creatures. Many with Double Strike.)

    Assemble the Legion 1
    Elemental Mastery 1
    (See Tokens)

    Intangible Virtue 1
    Leyline of the Meek 1
    Dictate of Heliod 1
    Glory of Warfare 1
    (Terror machines)

    Conqueror's Pledge 1
    Devout Incantation 1
    Dragon Fodder 1
    Hordeling Outburst 1
    (Make me dem tokens)

    Lightning Helix 1
    Hellion Eruption 1
    Assault Strobe 1
    Boros Charm 1
    Shattering Spree 1
    Lightning Bolt 1
    (Boros removal at its finest.)

    Order//Chaos 1
    Bedlam 1
    Glaring Spotlight 1
    War Cadence 1
    Master Warcraft 1
    Odric, Master Tactician 1

    The idea here is to abuse Irenothos' +3/+0 and haste as hard as humanly possible. With all your token machines churning out 4/1s, your two-drops turning into 5/2s with double strike, and the variety of block deterrents available to the deck, and games should be over quickly. The deck has no defense against flying creatures, but it doesn't really need it: murder is the best defense.
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    @beeswax, For the Devout Incantation, do you mean Devout Invocation? Other than that, the deck is good. Still, I think it can lead to some frustration with the opponents. Other than that, it looks extremely fun.
  • @JaceNalaar
    Yes, I did. I'm not sure what you mean by 'frustration'; it's effective, but all decks should be. It's not an Eye of the Storm/Scrambleverse deck, which I would count as legitimately frustrating.
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    For what I meant for frustation, I ment like easily angered players or new player could get angry about this deck. You are right, it is effective like all decks should, but I am just saying. And yes, A storm deck is more frustrating than this. but with all decks can be frustrating with some. That is all I am saying.
  • LoL... Interpretation: "What the heck!? I just died again!?... Can I play someone else please?"
  • @Beeswax, that's no squirrel!

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    Fun Fact: Raccoons HATE squirt guns. We went camping once, and raccoons invaded our campsite when we went on a hike. We came back and tried to chase them off, but they were reluctant to leave. On a whim, I squirted one with water and they all bolted. From that moment on, we had the best campsite ever! SuperSoakers Rule!!
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    LAND: 37
    Command Tower
    Battlefield Forge
    Boros Garrison
    Boros Guildgate
    Buried Ruin
    Command Tower
    Wind-Scarred Crag
    Temple of Triumph
    City of Brass
    13 x Moutain
    15 x Plain

    Gisela, Blade of Goldnight
    Niblis of the Urn
    Rakka Mar
    Tajic, Blade of the Legion
    Warmonger Hellkite
    Firemane Avenger
    Krenko, Mob Boss
    Mentor of the Meek
    Palladium Myr
    Viashino Heretic
    Marble Titan
    Titan of Eternal Fire
    Goblin Diplomats
    Avatar of Slaughter
    Basandra, Battle Seraph
    Heliod's Emissary
    Gideon's Lawkeeper
    Benalish Trapper
    Master of Diversion
    Niblis of the Mist
    Kor Hookmaster
    Seasoned Marshal
    Court Street Denizen
    Duergar Hedge-Mage
    Blinding Mage
    Akroan Jailer
    Weathered Wayfarer
    Urabrask the Hidden
    Treasure Hunter
    Academy Rector
    Razor Hippogriff
    Karmic Guide

    Glaring Aegis
    Oblivion Ring
    Seal of Cleansing
    Curse of the Nightly Hunt
    Debtor's Pulpit

    Enlightened Tutor
    Blinding Beam
    Idyllic Tutor
    Glimpse the Sun God
    Retribution of the Meek
    Remember the Fallen
    Fulgent Distraction
    Trumpet Blast
    Martial Coup
    Valorous Stance
    Mine Excavation

    Static Orb
    Icy Manipulator
    Ring of Gix
    Sol Ring
    Howling Mine
    Temple Bell
    Trading Post
    Storage Matrix
    Tangle Wire

    Planeswalker : 2
    Gideon Jura
    Elspeth, Sun's Champion

    I'm too lazy to describe the role of cards like Beeswax did,
    But I hope you understand the main concept by these two cards
    + Vigilance ability of commander
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    @Tomigon, Wait a second. You add in two command towers in your deck list. Just pointing that out for you.

    And I know the deck tech now. It is basically TAP TAP TAP and Attack for fatal. :)
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  • The art of the bump is open to interpretation, but I think you have a firm grasp on it.
  • I decided to move the date to 11/30
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