Hallowe'en CONTEST.

So, I wanna piggy back with the site wide Hallowe'en contest and make my own contest.

It's... gonna be weird. What I want to see is a costume party for premade cards. Yeah, you heard right.

So the basic principle will be use a premade legendary creature, and put them into a costume. So, vampire, werewolf, zombie, skeleton, demon, angel, whatever.

The end result will be a mash up of the original creature and the 'costume' creature.

An example would be

Darien, Spirit of Kjeldor

New card, retaining the overall feel of Darien, but twisted into his new 'costume'.

Enjoy. And good hunting.

Obviously, you're not gonna find perfect art, just try your best and you will be judged accordingly.

Prizes to be announced later. But it will still be cards.


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