Contest - Death to Eldrazi! - See the rewards!

Playtesters for Battle for Zendikar are already confirming the worst. Eldrazi decks, again, are stupidly overpowered, winning most games and not fun to play against.

So let's do something about it. I want to see cards specifically designed to stop, hurt, kill, prevent or otherwise mess with Eldrazi. Example:

1) You can have up to three submissions.
2) Your submission can be any card type as long as it isn't Eldrazi.
3) You submission must in some way hinder Eldrazi or Eldrazi decks.

Cards will be judged based on cleverness, usefulness, balance and overall coolness.

1st Place - A custom card designed by me that meets any of your specifications or any of the other rewards. You will also get a legendary angel, demon or human named after you in the set I am currently working on.
2nd Place - A custom card designed by me to compliment/synergize with your personal favorite card from your own collection or the 3rd place reward.
3rd Place - A custom card designed by me for your favorite tribe/deck type.

If more than 40 cardsmiths submit entries to this contest, I will add paying for a year of the $5/month level Patreon rewards for you to the first place prize! This means you get lots of cool bonuses for your account like expanded capacity, no ads and the ability to add anyone's cards to one of your sets. See the full details here:

End Date
The last day for submissions will be October 23rd. Winners will be announced within 2-3 days of the contest ending.

Get crafting and spread the word!


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