Feles Uprising (Fan Concept)

(This is a fan race which I have worked on for a while) The feles are a cat-human race who are much like the leonin in appearance except for the manes, which feles don't have, feles are long-lived, are more intolerant of other races, and prefer darker magic. The feles leader is Toothless Bladesong, but he has two co-leaders, Max Shadefire, and Fenix (Fe-nix) Forestwalker, who specialize in red and green magic, respectfully, Toothless, however, specializes in black, red, and green magic, and wants to make the other races bow down to him for laughing at the feles for ages. The story: The feles have been around since before humans, but came after elves, which makes many believe that feles are just elves that left elven society and evolved in the icy wastelands, all the feles did was do what they could to survive, they never took place in any of the wars, except for a few skirmishes with Lim-Dul's minions, but they kept what they could to themselves for many years, but were always humiliated by other races in the few encounters with them, one year, the same year the feles schools of combat and magic (which included learning technology advancement, since feles knew alchemy didn't work), opened, Toothless was born (his nickname is Toothless, as nobody knows his true name), and even as a kitten, he was very intelligent, and was able to get into both schools at a young age. A few years later, he used his knowledge to create a special long sword he never remembered how to make, which was made of Darksteel, and had a small mechanism in which he could load crossbow bolts into a slot, and he could pull a crossbow trigger attached to the blade to fire them in succession. The feles traveled to many places, including, but not limited to: Mirrodin (during the Mirran-Phyrexian war, and even after), Zendikar, and Ravnica, scavenging what they could after a Phyrexian attack, however being at Mirrodin seemed to change Toothless to become much darker, even to the point where some thought Toothless had been corrupted on the inside by Phyrexian oil "Some say it was Phyrexia, Some say it was the war." - Najeer, Leonin Scribe. Many years later the leader of the feles died, and Toothless took his position, and after some scavenging for anything useful, Toothless decided it was high time for the feles to settle down, but after settling down, encounters with other races became more common, and constant humiliation got to Toothless, and he eventually started the feles uprising, which caught many nearby races by surprise, speaking the past ages of feles being....mostly peaceful, allowing cities that were close to be taken very quickly, and allowing the feles to have a world of their own. "Fear causes treason, and treason causes fear, the multi-verse will see both at the tips of my fingers." -Toothless Bladesong
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