Password Protection

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As you may be aware, the Trophy account was recently accessed by someone who found the password. No real harm was done, it's just the Trophy account and we can fairly easily replace most of what was destroyed. But imagine if it's an account you worked hard on. The safest way to protect your cards is to keep your password safe and not pass it out.

We all know that isn't always possible if you're working on a collaboration set. If you share your password or have a shared password try to follow some simple guidelines to keep that account safe. Use private messages on the Forum to share the password. It's a great feature and it will allow you to keep certain information, like passwords, safe from unwanted eyes. Only share passwords with someone you feel comfortable with, each person who knows your password decreases the level of security you have.

What if you've already shared a password, and not in a private conversation? If you did this on Disqus, you have three options. You can edit the conversation and erase the password. You can message MTGCardsmith and ask them to delete the comment or you can ask MTGCardsmith to reset your password. If you did this on the Forum, you just need to send a message to MTGCardsmith or if you want, send me a message and I'll make sure it gets taken care of.

Keep your cards safe and you'll have a lot less headaches in the future!
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