Birthday Bash

This will be my second attempt at a contest. Since my birthday is 14 days away this contest will end on my birthday! Submissions must be in by 24th October. So here are the rules.
1. Only 1 submission per person.
2. You have a choice of Horror themed or Fantasy themed. Please include which theme you are submitting for.
3. It can be anything except for a planeswalker or token (would you really make a token anyway?)
4. Flavor. The more flavor you add the more delicious it will be (ok seriously that was not a real rule)
5. Please only new cards. Anything made between the 10th and 24th of October.
1st place will get to chose 3 cards to be favorited.
2nd place will get to chose 2 cards to be favorited.
3rd place will get to chose 1 card to be favorited.

I hope you have fun and enjoy this contest.


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