Top Card (Daily Challenge - Ongoing Post!)

Hello, everybody! Welcome, welcome! Who is ready for a new challenge?!

This challenge is going to not quite be the same as other challenges. Instead of you making a card specific to MY requirements, you will be making cards to go against other peoples cards. I will explain more in the rules. I have a friend who is always on the SF-O forums and things like this come up all the time.

1. I will make the first card. Your job is to be the first person to make a card that can counter mine. Such as abilities that stop my card, stronger creatures, ways to regain what you may have lost because of my card. The first person to do so will be the next card you have to make a counter for. It is a continuous cycle. One person makes a card to go against mine, then the next person does the same for that card, and again, and again, and again.

2. All cards will be either uncommons or rares. It is even cooler if a common can beat a rare, so keep that in mind.

3. Also, have fun on this post! Post comments to each other about the cards, make jokes, be serious, whatever. I want this to be one where people who are bored can have fun. You can make fun counter cards while talking to many other people.

Here is the first card for you to make a counter for.

Rhox Kin-Folk:

I hope that this really catches on and that all those who participate will have fun. Good Luck!!


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