Commander: Adjunct Challenge (This'll be interesting.)

First things first, I've never done a contest or a challenge before, so don't hurt me.

So; What I want you to do is make a card for the casual Commander format using my ability adjunct.

Adjunct (This card cannot be your commander. When this permanent enters the battlefield, if you have a commander, treat this card as an additional commander for the rest of the game. (Whenever it would be put into the graveyard or exiled, you may instead put it into the command zone. You may cast it from the command zone for its mana cost plus an additional {2} for each other time it was cast from the command zone this game. If it deals 21 damage to a single player over the course if the game, they lose the game.))

There are no particular rules, really, other than that, but I would prefer not to see a burn spell with a modified Adjunct ability. Now it won't even be creative, so ha!

As of right now, this isn't a contest, so no prizes, but I will favorite every entry. If it ever does become a contest, the prize will also be favorites, because I suck at making cards to specification, and my reviews go off on crazy tangents and never come back (just ask @TheCopyrightContinuum ).


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