Ending Anonymous Spam

We need to end the plague of spam by Anonymous users. Some users make serious cards, but most remain Anonymous for a reason: they know their card is spam, and they wish not to be punished for it. Also, what are all these strange cards?


You can't tell me that this card is related to MTG. I feel that, even though it may stink, Card Makers should be required to be logged into an account in order to make cards. This would prevent spam cards, and those who make spam cards would be able to be stopped. Any feedback on my request?


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    But without Anonymous, How would I ever get invited to the prom?
    Or get yelled at by Gordon Ramsay
    Or learn valuable safety tips?
  • Unglued cards are fine. I'm talking about SPAM. Useless cards that are a waste of MTG Cardsmith's valuable online storage. For instance, overpowered and ridiculous cards are very common on this site, such as cards that let you win the game by having them in your deck, 20/20 zero drops with every ability imaginable, and entirely inappropriate cards (someone made a "pussy" card one day that scarred me for life.)
  • I don't care. Let people make the cards they want to make.
    The only issue I have is if the card will offend my own sensibilities (racism, sexism, etc...). Even then, that is just my selfish opinion and I don't think it would be right for me to expect other people to create (or not create) cards based on my whims.
  • The card you linked seems to have a connection to Pen&Paper RP, so I guess some people are using the site to create event cards or something along those lines, seems alright, frankly. People have been using MSE as a medium for other card games than magic for a long time, though that's obviously not a site.

    I'd leave it be and just ignore the "cards" that obviously have zero MtG connection, just because people don't make MtG related cards doesn't mean they should be restricted from using the card creation suite.


    And that, good points entirely.
  • I agree that a log in should be required. Not only does it put a name to the submission, but it also gets people to (hopefully) join in the discussions.

    Making cards for your own homebrew or something similar is fine, just please don't submit it into the general stream of the site. Keep inside jokes and cards made specifically for non-MtG use private.
  • I disagree.

    Sometimes, after looking at all the painting in all the galleries around the world, you need to check out a three year old kids drawing and just laugh.

    Logging in would lose a key element to mtgcardsmith, the 'What not to do' section. And, they are ridiculous cards, but who can say that they didn't enjoy making them? Sometimes, just because we can't wrap our heads around why it was created, doesn't mean that the people who made them didn't laugh.

    Forcing people to log in would take that away, no one would make awful cards, because the hardcore fanatics would flip out every time and ask them to justify why they are ruining everyone's experience.

    Never underestimate the potential of anonymous posting. Also, we'd have a lot more dummy accounts, and that'd take up valuable mtgcardsmith storage as well.
  • I've also noticed that quite a few of the cards are made by kids and people who don't have English as a first language... so it may seem to us like rubbish, but that person might be having a great time making something!
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    I see what you mean...
    I agree a login should be required for PUBLISHING. Let people make a card, you can still download the image afterwords, and then they can still have their fun laughing at it. This would make it so a lot of people could make cards and save it without thinking "Oh, I should Publish this! lol." And they'd make it and keep it. If people had to spend time making an account in order to share there work, they'll think more about what they post, since the account has a name. The card I posted above is the type of thing I'd like to see less of, and if someone wants to make it fine! Just don't put it in other people's faces.
  • @Noobplayzgames
    "Just don't put it in other people's faces."
    Just click onto another page, bro. It isn't that complicated. No one is forcing you to see it. :)

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    @Noobplayzgames Hey! Who's posting pictures of me?

    And without Anonymous we would never have gotten this one!
    So be careful what you wish for!
  • @MrRansom Ok, maybe "put it in other people's faces" was the wrong words to use, but the fact that this thread exists is because someone is annoyed they have to see it at all.

    @Corwinn Ok that one is good, but those are rare.
  • Other people should have to change what they're doing because JBYT_LoadedTommy is annoyed? C'mon.
  • @MrRansom I just feel that there should be some sort of spam filtration system, or forced login. People don't have to change the cards they make. @Suicidal_Deity The what-not-to-do section has been increasingly growing among Accounts as well. @Corwinnn that same person could of had an account, but chose not to use it.

    Also, there is another anoying issue with "Anonymous". One day, I created a great card, but forgot to login. So that's one card down the drain and I don't even know what it does. With forced login, I would never forget to login to my account whenever I make a card (since auto sign-out with no way to stay logged in is now a thing).
  • @JBYT_LoadedTommy Well for that card if you remembered its name you could search it and then remake it, which is a pain but isn't a reason to completely knock out other people
  • @JBYT_LoadedTommy
    I was more replying to Noobplayzgames than to you with that comment. I didn't mean to invalidate your concerns.
    You've just as much right to be annoyed by these cards as I have to not care about them. :)
  • People like doing things on the internet anonymously. I don't think a forced log in is the answer. It just feels too policed, and considering the mods are smart people, if they wanted that, they would of done it in the first place. And if they wanted it, but couldn't do it? I would assume that was for mechanical reasons, which I doubt have changed.

    And spam filtration doesn't really seem feasible, since, who's idea of spam would it be? Yours? Mine? The mods? Anything anonymous is spam? Misspelling, broken cards, improper wording is spam? People need help with stuff like that.

    The only thing I can think of to please you, is possibly a 'turn off anonymous' button. So anything made by an anonymous user would be blocked from your screen.

    I don't want anything you've suggested. I don't feel we should police the presence on this site to making them sign in to create cards. And a spam filter would be way to inconvenient for the mods to do, since it would need to be specific to each user, since everyone has differing opinions.

    Also, I don't know how your card was lost to you? If it was recent, all you need to do is search for the card name, copy and paste the text box, and fill in the other boxes. It's annoying, but not the end of the world. You can then inform a moderator that the anonymous one can be removed from the site, and bam, done.

    Or do you not remember anything about that card aside from it being a great card you made?
  • Displaying anonymous cards is historically tied to how the site started (no user accounts), but it also keeps it extremely accessible for anyone just starting out as a card designer. As we've seen with a few other custom card forums, the community can quickly become a small walled-off world of members with high opinions and low tolerance. We never want MTG Cardsmith or its community to become a place like that.

    There are definitely some good points and ideas in this thread on both sides of the debate, but for now anonymous card creation will remain open and visible on the site. As @Suicidal_Deity pointed out, its much easier for us to clean up spam cards when they aren't "owned" by anyone, and preserving expensive server space and the longevity of the site for everyone is a top priority.

  • I agree with @mtgcardsmith about not wanting to see the community become snooty and inaccessible (my words). When I joined I was very wary and intimidated. If people like @LordMinermore and @AustinSmith hadn't been so nice and helpful, I probably would have walked away.

    I've heard from quite a few people who said that MTGCardsmith is one of the nicest places to make cards and that our community is one of the most helpful they've seen. I would hate to see that change.

    As far as the Anonymous cards go, I try to enjoy them, as much as I can. I like the silly ones, I report the inappropriate ones, I have entire conversations with my friends on some of them (occasionally just myself, but we won't talk about that). I've been inspired by some, laughed at others and shaken my head at most of them.

    Are they annoying? Only if you let them annoy you. I prefer to be annoyed by my children, who aren't very annoying at all, except when they want money and cars and an education and attention and you get the point.

  • I feel this has reached a stalemate. Everyone has opinions that pretty much deny one another, so I feel this should be closed down. Hey, at least I got to chat a bit!!!
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