How is a card featured on the MTG cardsmith home page?

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I was wondering how a card comes to be featured. Does it have to get a lot of views and favorites, or is there a contest for the featured card?


  • There are two ways that I know of....
    First... MTGCardsmith sees it and likes something about it... functionality, uniqueness, originality... sometimes they find it worth discussing... it could be anything really....
    And the other way... I heard you could nominate one on Facebook, but since I'm not a fan of Friendface, I don't use it.
  • The other theory is that it's just random, but I highly doubt that!
  • @Corwinnn
    You're somewhat correct, that it is random, but it always comes from a long-standing member of the site, or a project [ like Ravnica and the new Feature from Athera ]. I don't know anything else either. Apparently, it doesn't matter how active the member is, or whether or not the member is on the Favored List, but that's not really important to me. The first Featured Card was randomly chosen back in '12, I believe, but back then you and the others weren't here.
  • @Damnation - I think for the most part that's true, but I've seen cards from newbies as well, randomly dispersed throughout the features. You're right though, it probably doesn't hurt to be a regular.
  • How does one get on this favored list?
  • @Oduda - See my first comment above...
  • @Corwinnn That talks about getting featured. I was wondering about this favored list though.
  • @Oduda - Being active with a certain minimum number of favored cards (total people who favorite your cards) will add your name to that list. It randomly displays any members who reach the threshold. Basically, just making good cards will get you there in time. :)
  • Cool. I always wondered what the criteria was. Thank you very much.
  • Yeah, sorry about that! (pssst... it's 200)
  • Psst... @Corwinnn likes telling peeps when they reach the threshold, so no worries... right?
  • @Damnation - Exactly, and I add them to FiveThings if they aren't already there!
  • Has there been an anonymous Featured card?
  • No. You can check out ALL the featured cards using the advanced search feature.
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