Oddball Mood Cards! (Joseph's Challenge of the Week!)

What did you say? I was just listening to some "odd" music!


- Your goal is to listen to one of the 4 songs provided and then, think of and make a card DIRECTLY AFTERWARD. Try to let the music sink in before hand so it will have the most effect on your work, even if you have to listen to the song multiple times. Also, watch the video that it's in, if it's a video.

- The card must be balanced for standard.

- Put the name of the song you listened to in the comment when you enter

- Limit 1 entry per song, per Cardsmith.

- No anonymous entries.

- By entering this challenge you are contributing the entered card(s) to the Earthrealm collaborative set, if I choose to accept it. You will be given credit for your work, but I may modify your card slightly.

This challenge will end some time around Midnight EST on Sunday Morning, Nov. 1st. Good luck!

First song: Ievan Polkka by Hatsune Miku

Second Song: The Big Black by The Quick Brown Fox

Third Song: Xepher by Tatsh

Fourth Song: It's Killing Me by DJ Toxic


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