War for Earthrealm (Daily Mini-challenges: How will you respond?)

Today, we battle for Earthrealm! This is a major turning point in Earthrealm lore, and only you can make or break it's defenses! How will you respond?


- Every day there is a battle. The winner of the battle is the side with the advantage. Be sure to scroll down and go to the newest page so that you fight at the correct battle!

- Try to avoid entering a previous battle.

- Limit 1 entry per mini-challenge.

- Your card must be a common nonlegendary creature that's balanced for standard. If the person before you entered a card for the Defenders, enter for the Invaders, and vice versa.

- Avoid looking at the other entries until the challenge for the day they're for is over.

- No anonymous entries.

- By entering a mini-challenge you are contributing the entered card(s) to the Earthrealm collaborative set, if I choose to accept it/them. You will be given credit for your work, but I may modify your card slightly.


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