Hey everyone! For those of you who know me but haven't noticed my recent activity, I am indeed still alive. I have even spat out a card or two, recently.

Anyway, that being said, I intend to return to working on the Nocturnia Block soon, and hope that you who helped support it when it was just getting started shall return to doing so! As you may know, I have been pretty inactive for a while partly due to my personal situation. However, that was not exactly the whole story. I realized, during my absence, that I needed a better base to develop the story before I got too far into creating the block. So, that's what I have been doing. I'm not entirely satisfied yet, but I hope to be to that point by the end of this month. At that point, I will finally resume making cards for the set, though possibly at a slower rate than when it started. As a reward for your eternal patience, however, the sets will be even more flavor-packed than before! Additionally, I plan to do a sort-of reboot to the existing lore that I have released on the Lore Galore page, including one article (it's going to be so long I think it's safe to call it that) that's from Nih'ktia's perspective!

Anyway, for those of you who do not know what the heck I'm talking about, I urge you to check the NOC Block page out! This is a project that I'm really passionate about, and I hope that you'll find a passion for it too, or at least see something you like.

Anyanyway, I thank you for your patience in reading all of this, it was quiet a large update!

Here's the link to the NOC Block page:

Eventually I'll get around to remaking the introduction in the Forum, but for now here's the link to what was the old disqus page for it:

And, because why not, here's the link to my regular account:


  • YAY! :D :D
  • Oooo Someone is excited!
  • Very much so! :D I'm hoping this will reach everyone who was helping out/interested in it before, as well as maybe some new people.
  • so when did i participate again? lol
  • Is your regular username WolfgangStolte?
  • *Wolfgang_A_Stolte
  • Never mind, I looked up your username. In answer to your question, I don't recall you helping out with this. Feel free to do so when I resume development, though! I appreciate everyone's ideas. Just make sure, when you do, that you follow the guidelines listed in the Introduction page (second link).
  • I wouldn't mind helping, but it just seems like nobody really cares about making your own MTG story through cards. I can't get anyone to comment or join my own discussions unless I make notice of the lack of participation. I just don't see the point in helping is all at the moment.
  • Fair warning, I ended up gushing a bit hear, but if you stick to the end, I assure you it will be worth reading.
    That's fine. I would like to say, though, that when I first started this (when I was REALLY active as a creator), it had a lot of support, partly due to the fact that it had some hype buildup. Now, unfortunately, since I was inactive for so long, it's probably going to take a lot more to regain its steam.

    As for others' stories, it could be that you just aren't looking in the right place yet, or the right people just haven't noticed said stories yet. Maybe I was just around at the right time.

    One thing that I am sure of, though, is that these kinds of things work out best with a lot of devotion and passion. And hype helps too. Way before I even started making this set, I started making 'preview' cards for it, giving them just a little taste of the idea. When I found out that people were taking an interest in it, it motivated me even more. What really launched the set into full speed, though, was one of the first challenges on the site (this was before the forum). Basically, I was having trouble thinking of a mechanic for one of the factions, so I decided to make a contest in the form of a card, and whoever made a card with the ability I liked the most would win and I would include it in the set. This directly involved the people who were interested, but without them having to devote too much time to it.

    Another thing that really helped people get interested was that I constantly stressed the fact that Nocturnia would be a HEAVILY story/lore-based set. I think this probably made people consider it more seriously.

    Now, I'm not saying that other sets that people have made before haven't done any of this, or didn't have dedicated/passionate creators; I'm just relating that in my personal experience, the facts that I am very passionate about this project and that I found different ways to try to share a bit of that passion with others is why it had so much support. And because I was unable to this for a short period of time, that is why it lost some of its popularity and exposure.

    Anyway, sorry that I kinda gushed at you there, but I hope that maybe I might have changed your slightly bleak outlook on the prospect of a story-oriented series of cards. And if not, then that's fine too.
  • Let's get some storied cards up in this set! Looking forward to seeing it flourish!
  • Thanks, I'll make sure not to disappoint!
  • So where do you want us to post cards for ya? Didn't mind helping since it was fun to do.
  • @fraziel07 I think I'll be creating a forum post for that.

    As a message to everyone, sorry for the lateness of things, my plans ended up being delayed. I plan on resuming making cards tonight.
  • You're alive! Great to see you working on cards again. Could I join, maybe just as flavor and story worker, I love that stuff.
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    @Krazykobold98, I love the lore/story in the NOC set and the fact that you have really oriented the cards around the story.
  • @Krazykobold98 hey id love to help, anyone wanna give me a link to the lore?
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    @King_Devil_II, seems like various bits of lore are spread out across the nightmarish doomscape that is MTGCardSmith. In accordance with your desires, I assembled a small party of dedicated scholars with adventurous streaks, those tired of being cooped up in dimly lit towers with only ancient tomes to keep them company, and I set out to find you the treasured Nocturnia Folklore and Myths.
    Before beginning our descent into the dark and forgotten realms of MTGCardSmith's fabled regions, my expedition party and I hired some local.. erm... "experts" to help us with tracking, and bypassing any enchantments or spells that might be used to keep the location of the Nocturnia Lore hidden.
    We also paid some grim individuals to protect our search party, and hired a few others (with whom I was promptly and rudely instructed not to make eye-contact) to "ascertain" information that cannot be found within the pages of our books.
    I am pleased to announce to your devilish Kingship that we seem to have been successful in finding a few scraps of the lost knowledge of Nocturnia. Surely, I swear, our search is not over. What we have found is invaluable, and has given me hope that we may one day fully understand the great history of Nocturnia.
    Please, look over what I, and my team, have collected for our King_Devil_II.
    You will note, I hope, that we risked life and limb to collect these documents and relics for you. And at great expense to our wallets, Grinald's left arm, Folstav's head, and my eyebrows. Suffice it to say, some us have been forever changed by undertaking this task on your behalf (the clerics tell me that because of the burns, my eyebrows may never grow back properly-- and, while we did make many priceless archaeological findings, we never were able to locate Folstav's head after our encounter with that disgruntled giant... or perhaps it was a dwarf... I maintain that it was a small giant, but Letiza swears it was the world's largest dwarf...we may never know the truth).

    Yours in service, and in spirit,

    Enclosed below are the contents and findings resultant from our first expedition undertaken in the year of MMXV, at the behest of the once and future King_Devil_II.


    Sir King_Devil_II, are you certain that a public forum is the ideal place for this information? I pray your wisdom is as true as ever. May all your decisions bring good fortune.
  • @MrRansom Wow, oh, wow. Thanks! I'll look into it!
  • @MrRansom XD I love it! I need to make Grinald and Folstav characters now! Or at least mention them in some cards!

    @ChargingBadger Of course, everyone is welcome to help! Just make sure to follow my guidelines on how I want you to go about it (I'll provide a link).

    @King_Devil_II Glad to have ya on board!

    Anyway, I'm happy to announce that I'm finally resuming things as of today! I plan on making an introductory post first, getting around to finishing up any changes that I need to make to old cards, and then finally get to making new cards and releasing new lore! Again, sorry for the wait everyone and thank you for your patience!
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    @Krazykobold, I'd be so proud if you did! Maybe just some flavor text by them, or mention of them in some flavor texts.
    Given how much you have developed the specific lore, I'm not sure you have room for anymore legendary creatures.
  • @MrRansom Yeah, I was thinking I'd include them in that way.
  • Hey guys, here's the new introductory page! You should all take a look, whether whether you're new to the NOC Block or not, as some things have been changed or tweaked.
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