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I suppose the idea of expecting people to care about someone sharing their love for Batman and Magic on a MTG community forum is just dumb. It must be with every viewer turning their nose up and refusing to participate in my activities. Because of this, I will be deciding my own synopsis for the story of card sets I make up. This will be the case until more evidence of this site being a community takes place. I mean no disrespect, but if we are going to share cards and make discussions to share thoughts as well, it seems pretty rude to not leave a comment of some manner. Here's to hoping that people will be less stingy and more activity in their online community.


  • Sorry @StFrank... I haven't piped in because I have never really been a DC guy, so most of my DC knowledge is based on Firestorm (but it's been easily 20 years since I read one) and the movies.
  • @StFrank I'm just a scumbag.
  • Frankly my interests lay more in the sci-fi and fantasy areas, so while batman's cool he's just not something I feel like devoting my time to.
  • Marvel > DC. Batman and Superman are Mary Sues.

    Also, I try to make and comment on cards that are more along the lines of 'Magic' the Gathering rather than Batman the Gathering or Incredible Hulk the Gathering or what have you. I have seen what looks like plenty of people using this site to make cards for other games (or try to make their own games) and make cards based on existing works of fiction but my work and comments mostly stick to 'realistic' cards.
  • No Magic card is 'realistic' since its a fantasy game. Making MTG cards based off other media properties is a joy that WotC doesn't get to do because its proprietary. Trying only to mimic the fantasy elements the company has given us as a steady diet for the past 22 years feels dull. I've collected over 100,000 cards based off different properties whether literary, cinematic or any other source and my players have great fun mixing them with "real" Magic cards for home games. I've now made over 3,000 such on Cardsmith. I try to design cards to fit within WotC's approximate parameters for costing, rarity, and other considerations so in that respect are 'realistic' cards. It's not "Batman the Gathering." It's MtG with Batman as a playable character, fighting against Liliana Vess or getting hit with a Lightning Bolt. Fun.
  • @StFrank Here is my Batman set, it has 43 cards to use as you will. I hope at least a few of them match up with your vision for your mini-blocks.
  • @Biblio1 I didn't say the content of the cards was realistic, I said the cards themselves were realistic. The point I was making is that it is entirely possible to make balanced an interesting MTG cards based on things like comics or movies but most people use the site to make cards that fit the existing MTG meta story or an existing MTG set, meaning most of them are vaguely fantasy-related.

    You can use this site to make whatever you like, as I pointed out a lot of people do differently as well. The social scene for other kinds of cards is smaller, though, so you probably wont see as many comments like OP is asking about.

    Batman and MTG aren't dumb at all, they're just a bit niche.
  • I totally agree with everyone that has commented the pros and cons of a Batman-based MTG fantasy set. To be honest, I was inspired recently by the Arkham Knight game to make the first few Batman cards. After discussing it with a friend, we thought it would be cool to try fitting different types of works of existing fiction into the Multiverse of MTG through fanfictional cards and synopsis. And @strongbelieves, I agree LOL Marvel is better. I didn't do this for DC so much as just Batman. I plan on doing an sets of cards based on an anime series afterward the Batman mini-blocks are complete.
  • And in case anyone was wondering, I've started formatting an idea for the 'Streets of Gotham' synopsis. It will tie into the 'Gotham 2016 core set' and the next set after it will foreshadow the events that lead Batman and Joker to ascend to Planeswalker-hood.
  • @Biblio1, thanks for letting me know about your set. I'll let you know if any of them can fit into a set in the future.
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