The Synopsis for 'Streets of Gotham' (Leave a comment on your opinion or leave a card idea)

Streets of Gotham
A Fanfiction Magic the Gathering Synopsis
By StFrank

The classic and dramatic clash between Gotham’s Dark Knight and the unpredictably chaotic Joker has finally been ended once again. A long night ensued by yet another attack by the Clown Prince of Crime’s gang on the soulless city was thwarted by the cunning skills of Batman and his allies. Batman has taken Joker back to Arkham Asylum as usual, leaving Gotham City’s streets a bit safer for GCPD to start taking them back from criminals. Another lingering chapter in Gotham’s repeated history is closed. But now, a new and unfamiliar issue has surfaced in the corrupted city’s corners.

Ra’s al Ghul has returned from his Lazarus pits once more, but this time he has a new surprise for the Batman. While sending in his League of Shadows assassins to hunt down and slay the corrupted officials of Gotham, Ra’s is confronted by the Caped Crusader himself. As Batman seemingly wipes the floor with Ra’s , he notices that something about the villain is different. The Dark Knight is then swiftly taken down with ease, as if Ra’s had been toying with him the whole time. Ra’s al Ghul mocks Batman’s attempts of fighting back as he exclaims that the effort is futile.

Revealing that the original Lazarus pit had suddenly “called to him” just before the last battle between Batman and Joker, Ra’s explains that he has discovered a new power. He describes this power as a “spark of enlightenment”, saying that he recently started accessing other worlds and learned a new truth about himself. Ra’s al Ghul has become a planeswalker! The maniac calls back his troops before telling the wounded vigilante that the next time they meet, he intends to “cleanse Gotham once and for all.”

As Bruce Wayne recovers from his severe injuries, Dick Grayson is contacted for assistance in protecting Gotham. While he looks into Ra’s al Ghul’s suggestion of “other worlds” and “walking between planes”, Bruce decides to investigate the League of Shadows recent activity. Meanwhile, Nightwing (Grayson) seeks out Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Robin (Tim Drake) to help the GCPD detain the rest of the supervillains in Gotham City. It won’t be easy, as Two-Face and Penguin have joined forces by creating a temporary weapons-deal between their gangs. Scarecrow has also somehow managed to possess control over Solomon Grundy, hoping to create panic and fear in Gotham’s citizens again. Even Harley Quinn plans to take down Nightwing and his allies to avenge the Joker’s detainment as usual.

Without Batman to maintain the balance, it’s up to Nightwing and his Bat family to handle the threat at hand. Will Gotham’s heroes be enough to help the GCPD protect Gotham’s citizens and bring well-earned justice to the corrupt? Or will the temporary disappearance of the Dark Knight finally give the city’s greatest villains a chance to control its streets even more? The results are up to you as you guide Nightwing’s team, GCPD’s police force, the Two-Face and Penguin gangs, Scarecrow’s legion, or Harley’s crew to victory. Let the next war for Gotham begin!
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