Siambgar: Plane Creation (Mk1.0)

Working on making a plane called Siambgar. It is a dark and grittty steampunkish world, and it has no gren mana (anymore at least). It is composed of multiple two color fractions all with their own objectives and purposes which often disagree, some more so than others.

While it isn't a world wide metropolis, most if its occupants live within the cities because the wild lands (do note that it doesn't contain any forests) are to dangerous for the ill prepared.

The cities are ruled from high spires by Zanzite nobles who constantly fight amongst themselves for more power. Rather than actual fighting, they play mind games and fight in the shadows, using knowledge as a weapon and spies to sharpen it. Knowledge to achieve power and deception are their ways. While assassination is frowned upon for being blatantly oblivious, it is still common, and having multiple agents spying on or conducting espionage against their opponents is the most preferred and often is considered good etiquette (so is killing said spies when caught). Being the rulers, they often will but heads with other groups who don't like the way they run things.

The cities are kept orderly by the Morrab Enforcers who see to it that the law is obeyed. The laws are the Zanzite's makings, however the Morrab take the already corrupt laws and twist them around as to double corrupt them. On the topside they're the city's justice and law, but underneath they're corrupt to the core, and basically run on the system of who will pay more. Sanctioned crime is common so long as the criminals pay the Morrah Enforcers to look the other way. If you can't pay them you can be assured to deal with hash consequences.

Behind the scenes are the mechanics and tinkerers who keep the cities and machines running efficiently, though some of the more skilled and known ones take the high life of a wealthy entrepreneur. While often rivals with each other, they collectively are known as the Falkier folk, and genuinely keep a front of unity in front of the other fractions. While they often don't interact with the other fractions much, they highly dislike trespassers in their areas, and often will block off entire sections of a city to fix or redesign it. So they don't have to deal with interlopers they will use misdirection, distractions, and traps to keep people away. They use both arcane and mechanical devices, usually relying on automatons to do their heavy or dangerous work.

The Soralki merchant caravans are the source of almost all inter-city trade. To ensure their safety they often will take their time in preparation for their journeys, employ large vehicles and beasts of burden to scare off smaller threats, and preventive magic to deal with the more serious threats. While slow, they always follow through with their promises, and often have to defend their cargo against fractions which happen to rival with their employers.

While most people role along with all the current system, a few don't, the highly religious Kaoun freedom fighters and the anarchistic Loquel insurgency.

The Kauon are religious revolutionists who believe there is a entity who wishes to form a new word where all are free and equal. Many of them genuinely go for the peaceful route but there are plenty of them who are very militant about their position, staging attacks on the other fractions in their goal to eventually break the old system and bring about a new era. They typically employ fast attack tactics, building up initiative and conviction, however if they falter or their enemies can recover they can be dealt with accordingly.

The Loquel insurgeny was started up some time ago by a fallen Zanzite noble, but has changed and built up into a criminal network claiming to be the good guys. Anything but good they employ followers for suicide missions to wreck a havoc amongst the other fractions and all in all do whatever they can to bring the world into a state of anarchy. Reckless and independent they tend to do what they want and look for ways to stir up some chaos.

Fraction mechanics so far.
Zanzite: Blue Black
Mechanic: Infiltrate {MC} (You may cast this spell for it's infiltrate cost. If you do, when it enters the battlefield, an opponent gains control of it.)
Notes: this mechanic is designed for small creatures which have some negative effect on their controller on the condition that their owner doesn't control them.

Morrab: White Black
(WIP)Mechanic: (no name yet) at the beginning of your upkeep (insert effect) unless an opponent (does something they won't like).
Notes: still trying to develop their mechanic, basically want it to be something like Tribute but every upkeep rather than when the creature enters the battlefield.

Falkier: Blue Red
Notes: Frankly I've yet to really have much time to think about this, probably artifacts related.

Soralki: White Blue
Mechanic: Convoy X this creature can block X additional creatures as long as another creature is blocking them
Notes: basically it's make a giant wall of you can't touch this, this is a large creature and machines fraction.

Kauon: Red White
(WIP)Mechanic: Zealot when this creature enters the battlefield if it attacks this turn (insert effcts)
Notes: obviously needs haste or something to the likes.

Loquel: Black Red
(WIP)Mechanic: thinking about this one, I'm figuring something of a suicidal attack for midate and big effect.

Also another mechanic that popped into my head: Ambush {MC} (cast this spell as though it had flash, this permanent enters the battlefield tapped and attacking. can only be used during your declare attackers phase).

It see what I have so far for this plane klicky ->

I've got virutaully no background about this world besides what you see above, and don't ask how humans and dragons mate, seriously it's called shapeshifting for a reason.

And final note before I post this, since you can't edit even the initial post of a discussion, I'll be remaking this again (copy+paste+edit) when I've developed more lore and stuff. Right now I'm not looking exactly for cards but more for fleshing out the universe and development of the different fractions, though I won't object to cards, especially if they're good ones (not over powered).


  • Fractions of factions!
  • indeed, the Soralki are really the only ones who wouldn't end up infighting for one reason or another, or at least not easily.
  • Oh... I was just pointing out a typo...
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    When does it start?
  • @CrucibleOfHate oh, yep I'll have to fix that next time.
    @BobSmob I plan on getting a challenge going once I've made at least one mechanic for each faction, which currently I'm looking for help with developing ones for the Morrab, Falkier, and Loquel.
  • I was thinking about a new plainswalker you could tie in, like maybe nissa appearing out of nowhere and kickstarting a couple nature cults, maybe even some green mana? (all planes have all five colors of mana.)
  • how about tribute from the Theros sets for the Morrab?
  • Actually I might change it so that the majority of the desolate wilderness wjth its nasty beasties should probably be the main source of green.

    Morrab mechanic:
    Blackmail - at the beginning of your upkeep (insert effect) unless an opponent (does something they won't like less than the other effect).

    I'm on mobile so I can't make a card with this, but basically you get enough of those on the field and swamp down your opponent(s) with various effects. Example: Blackmail - at the beginning of your upkeep, each opponent sacrifices a creature unless they tap two creatures they control.
  • why not tribute? it is a very good effect.
    Tribute- When this card enters the battlefield, any opponent may place X +1/+1 counters on this card, if not(insert effect here).
    generally the tribute costs are significant, like one card from theros allows you to play an instant or sorcery w/o paying the casting cost.
  • I know what tribute is, I've got a few tribute card myself, however I am trying to create a new mechanic for each of the fractions.
  • ah, but creating new mechanichs is hard to do, as opposed to using existing mechanincs
  • Yeah, but it's much more fun, and then it feels a bit more individualistic.
  • #1. What about that thing Wizard's isn't willing to do yet - create a 6th basic land type. It could just be a subtype called "blasted", "wild", "barren", or something of the like, which just taps for {1}, and there could be some domain cards, and some cards with the rules text "Blasted is a basic land type". It could be represented as the factions trying to somehow reclaim the wildlands for their own interests.

    #2. Since it's a steampunk setting, I think a good ability for UR would be steam related.

    #3. Zealot sounds more like "When this creature attacks a player that controls more creatures than you do, ..."

    #4. I think the name for your Morrab mechanic could be "coerce". It works well with the description, and with the flavor of the faction.

    #5. In many tech fantasy settings, the society is portrayed as carelessly using a limited resource that will eventually lead to self destruction. Something as simple as lots of permanents each having "At the beginning of your upkeep, mill 1" would work for this. Sounds like a black mechanic for sure. Or maybe, "At the beginning of your upkeep, roll a d6. If it's a 1, you get a poison counter."

  • Just checking something #hashtagswork

    -1 Possibly, I'll defiantly want to figure out something for all that unused wilderness.

    -2 yep, but it'll more towards the end of mechanics in general.

    -3 guess it could go that way to, I'm not set in solid on the Kauron mechanic yet.

    -4 I like it and it's shorter, so yeah I'll role with it.

    -% that's basically the idea behind Coerce and Infiltrate, Coerce is more of on that you can stave off until things pile up to much, and Infiltrate is more careful calculation of risk vs reward.
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