Why are some of my cards being removed?

First off I want to say I think this a great site and I've had alot of fun in my downtime indulging my creative impulses with the tools the site makes available.
However, I recently had a card taken down with no notice or explanation and I'm just wondering why this happens, whether it is due to the users reporting it or the site admins just making that call themselves.
As far as I am aware I have not violated the terms of service and have not posted anything inappropriate or explicit.
So why the takedown?


  • Are jerkish people flagging perfectly fine cards of yours?
  • What was the card?
  • It was called "Power Play" and it had a picture of Liliana and Chandra on it, by Steve Argyle.
  • @zg4real I know what art your talking about. Ultimately, it ain't exactly pr0n, but it is NSFW enough for people to flag it. I'm sure no one would care if they were standing up, but people are stupid.
  • Some of the art we use walks a fine line... Just do what the rest of us do when we want to make a card with Art that isn't acceptable on the site... Download it without publishing it
  • Yeah. True that. Ah, well. Least I know what happened.
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