Chamomile Tea (Joseph's Challenge of the Week!)

Quiet... reserved... unflinching as the onslaught passes
Sitting... staring... watching the world go to madness
Civil... lucid... erect in posture among spineless souls
Leading life his own way among savages
Relaxed amidst the paranoia
Wise among the reckless
And in his hand, not a weapon, not a camera
Not even a newspaper on the war
But in it, a warm cup of chamomile tea...

Now that the tone has been set, let's do this!


- Your goal is to make a calm, reserved creature/planeswalker that doesn't participate in battle, but rather stands back and watches (if it's a creature, a support creature rather than a fighting creature.)

- The card must be balanced for standard.

- Limit 5 entries per Cardsmith.

- No anonymous entries.

- By entering this challenge you are contributing the entered card(s) to the Earthrealm collaborative set, if I choose to accept it. You will be given credit for your work, but I may modify your card slightly.

This challenge will end some time around or before Midnight EST on Sunday, November 8th. Good luck!


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