Well, I need some help. [Artwork Needed.]

Heya MTGCardsmith. Recently I decided I would dedicate myself to making a set solely based around the Ojutai clan from the latest set, Dragons of Tarkir. Unfortunately, it would appear that deviantart and teh googles are not too fond of monks, aven creatures, and even feathery dragons for that matter. As of right now, the set is planned to have 146 cards. After literal hours (around 5-6 at this point) of scouring deviantart, I have only come up with 60 images that suit the Ojutai/Jeskai style.

This is why I need you! :D

Basically, if you could link a piece of artwork in the comments that fits the style, that would be fantastic and I would be most grateful. If the artwork you link to me is used in the set, I shall credit you for sending the artwork. Even if the artwork is not used for the set, I shall compile together a list of all the people who contributed to the project by sending in art. I hate to be doing this, but frankly as of now I'm not sure where to look, and if there even is enough artwork designed in the Ojutai/Jeskai fashion outside of already made MtG cards.

Here are some references.

Please don't go out of your way to specifically look for artwork, I wouldn't want all of you to waste 5 hours looking :P
I'm mostly hoping that someone has artwork on hand.

Thanks all, and cheers! :)
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