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I wish I could turn a blind eye, but I can't when an entire comments section is flooded in annoyance. There has been someone who won't stop saying a card is offensive. I've tried remaking the card to wash the comments, but every time, he comes back. I would like a nice, clear comments section so that people can hold normal conversations without worries of rude, unnecessary comments. Any help? (Note: The MTG Cardsmith user is kauyon and the Disqus username is Paul~Kauyon, if any of that will help.)


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    Some of the harassment, in case it's deleted:

    Paul~Kauyon -> Joseph Bigham • 5 minutes ago

    If you want to shut me up, my name and where I live are right on my account page, you are free to try. It still says Blood Fortress In the text box and you still named it Ni***rGhetto, the place where the dark heathens live in their crudely made shacks and murder people.


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    On the card Nigheto Fortress, in which I keep deleting and remaking to clear the comments section
  • Another note: The Nigheto is a clan on Earthrealm. The name has been around for a while, with many cards made by community members supporting the faction. The clan was once the notorious Rebel Squad on the Hyperbase, but after being stranded on Earthrealm, the Squad turned into savages, and Alan Maxis left. Now led by Kiga, the clan focuses on survival of the fittest, sacrificing creatures to summon or aid more powerful creatures.
  • This feels like an issue you should bring to MTGcardsmith personally, not sure what they would be able to do in a case such as this, but making a comment on the boards here feels a little futile. The only thing that'll come from this is more comments that disrupt or offend you, or just a bunch of people's opinions, which don't really matter in this, you just need a resolution.

    I don't know if you can block users on Disqus, but that is my only suggestion in this matter.
  • I would agree with @Suicidal_Deity... This really has no place here in the forums. You two seem to have a difference of opinion about a card that needs to be resolved elsewhere. Please send a PM to @mtgcardsmith
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