Shadows over Innistrad Disscusion

Recently WotC announced The set after Oath of the Gatewatch.

This set is Shadows over Innistrad.

Now if you didn't lose yourself by watching the trailer then lets talk about it.
I want your opinion about what you think the set will be about.
Well here is a theory about why we are returning to Innistrad
You now how Liliana has 4 demon lords well she has already killed 2 so maybe another one is in innistrad?


  • Someone on reddit pointed out the set name has uncanny resemblance to one of Lovecraft's works, so people are assuming that perhaps the Eldrazi (maybe Emrakul) is on Innistrad because of his warping abilities (note the Avacyn maker in the trailer).

    Personally, I believe there so no real downtime between Avacyn Restored and this set, so this occurs shortly after the line following.

    Personally, I'm hoping for several characters getting new cards: Sorin, Mikaeus, and a Thalia.
  • @ImBadAtBalancing Im really hoping Olivia Voldaren gets one considering Drana got one so it would be fitting if the Vampire Queen herself got one as well!
  • I doubt they'll bring Eldrazi to Zendikar, after two straight Eldrazi themed sets immediately preceding Shadow over Innistrad. The "shadow" could be anything, perhaps a new type of demon-like creature. I do however expect the set to draw heavy inspiration from Lovecraftian lore.
  • "I doubt they'll bring Eldrazi to Zendikar,"
    Arn't they already there?
  • Doesn't Mikaeus get killed by Grim-grin?
  • @Gelectrode Then he got revived by Liliana because he knew were the Helvault was and more importantly Grislbrand One of her Demon lords
  • @bobsmob he meant innistrad it was a typo
  • @michaelmvm yeah I meant innistrad. Apologies.
  • I loved Inistrad but I was only just getting back into magic when it came out and I knew nothing about drafting at that point in time. So I am very excited about this set. I also like their new live of 2 set blocks as often the 3rd set is just kind of meh. Was not to happy with the 3rd set of return to ravnica or the 3rd set of Theros, though I did like the first two sets of both of those blocks.
  • I hope it's got a lovecraftian thing. that would be sick, i started around m13 or so, and got a lot of cards from a friend. so i have a lot of innistrad commons. The set rocked!
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