Tiny Mancer In My Hand

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The basis for this contest is simple, make a card based upon a seldom explored form of "mancer".


White - Hieromancer or Lithomancer

Blue - Cryomancer or Somnomancer

Black - Lethemancer or Sangromancer

Red - Ferromancer or Lavamancer

Green - Biomancer or Gigantomancer


The rules are as follows.

1 - Only commons, uncommons or rares. No mythics.

2 - No legendary creatures or Planeswalkers

3 - Only creatures or instant/sorcery spells that your chosen Mancer would use.

4 - The card must use your chosen type of Mancer in its name.

5 - If you make a creature, it must have Wizard as one of its subtypes.


1st place winner gets a Trophy, 3 favorites and a Mythic legendary version of themselves.

2nd place gets mentioned in the comments of the Trophy, 2 favorites and a Rare legendary version of themselves.

3rd place gets mentioned in the comments of the Trophy, 1 favorite and an Uncommon legendary version of themselves.

Good luck and have fun!


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