Planeswalker Duel Daily Mini-Challenge

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The Planeswalkers are fighting again!

Inspired by @JBYT_LoadedTommy's War for Earthrealm this is similar in concept where there's two battling sides. Rather than being random and built for the environment, this a creature rudely taken from it's natural environment and forced to fight for a being which was once all powerful and immortal.

Now for the rules. When making a creature or planeswalker I'm wanting balanced ones, and try to keep them interesting. The creatures need to be within color parameter of what the planeswalker is (also only one or two color planeswalkers). Planeswalker providers I want original works and don't look at your opposing planeswalker, and creature makers may look at both the planeswalkers but don't look at the other creatures. Only make one creature or planeswalker per a mini-challenge. (Edit before time's up) also try to keep the creature numbers balanced for each planeswalker, however numerical advantage isn't necessarily everything.

Here's the first planeswalker, someone else will need to make/provide his opponent (remember no peeking).


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    before i make cards, i have a question.

    Can we use flipwalkers (legendary creatures that transform into plainswalkers)?

    Acctualy, no forget that I asked that I'll just make one anyway
  • I call dibs on planeswalker spot for round one. Just need a bit more time.
  • Anyone like Magic Origins? Eh? Anyone?

    I present the challenger for challenge one. Little ironic, noting this contest is based on my own, but I figured, "What better way to set the mood?"
  • @Paul-u yes, but for the purposes of this contest they would start out as the walker not the creature.

    Let the creatures begin!
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    ok kool here are my entries

    Maximus vs Greak

    btw the flavor on how they will duel is on Greak's page
  • @Paul-u that's not quite what I had in mind, each day there's two planeswalkers and then people make creatures for each of the planeswalkers and at the end of the day's mini-contest I determine how the battle went between the two planeswalkers using the creatures presented as their allies and summoned creatures.

    Greak can be one of Kastro's allies, and Maximus can be one of the duelers for tomorrow's round. I'd like it if Raiden had an ally to so that it's little more evenly matched, but I'm going to end this battle and start the next one in about 4 or 5 hours, however if each side has a few more allies than this'll get a more interesting story.
  • This sounds way to complicated
  • Sorry if it does, basic concept is the first two people make planeswalkers and than after that other people make creatures for one or the other planeswalker (my explanation above was a little rushed, and you can't go back and edit posts later).

    Right now there's one creature for Kastro and none for Raiden so making one suited for Raiden's style would be ideal for balance purposes.
  • Raiden, the mercenary artificer, in need of a new mine for resources finds a ore rich mountain range. Unfortunately the nearby Elementals are unhappy with the Planeswalker and all of his machines digging into their homes, and attempted to drive him away. Despite the might of the Elementals most of them met their doom at cold steel machines. That would have been the end of it if it weren't for Kastro, wandering geomancer to have arrived shortly before it was all over.

    The remaining Elemental, a volcano by the name of Greak was all that stood against Raiden when Kastro arrived. From there the tides turned, minor Elementals spewed forth from the ground where the Planeswalkers dueled, barely being held back by Raiden's factory producing Drones and Thopters. The battle might have gone on forever, but Greak recovered soon after, and rejoined the fray. Artifacts melted to sludge as more and more volcanoes erupted in their fury, and soon the battle slid immensely to Kastro's favor.

    The land was aglow with light from the raging volcanoes as Elementals bashed Drones to pieces and what few Thopters there were finally destroyed leaving nothing but smoke, sulfur and ash in the air. With one final mustering Kastro bent the lands to his will and flooded the factories and mines that Raiden had constructed with the power at the core of the planet unleashed.

    Raiden escaped, only slightly singed, getting a clear message that his presence there was no longer welcome, maybe he'd try another day. Kastro left the new lava planes to take their own course of actions and headed off himself. Greak, left to his own devices now had plenty of territory unclaimed by other powerful Elementals.
  • Next battle:

    Paul-u's vs (well whoever puts in a planeswalker next)'s (ze opposing planeswalker)

    Raiden and Kastro didn't get many allies, (only one appeared actually), and that affected the battle quite a bit, maybe this time around there will be more allies to help turn the tides.
  • You certainly gave a much more detailed transcription of the battle then I expected.
    Here's another question: does the next entry have to be a planeswalker, or can it be a creature for Maximus?
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    I like making short stories and role-playing (NationStates anybody?)

    Planeswalker preferably, but if you want you can do the creature and I'll put in one of my other two currently made planeswalkers. (Edit) Actually if you want go ahead and do both, more creatures means more to the battle.
  • @pyrak i made an ally for the next duel, but its up to you to choose who it belongs to

    sorry about the misunderstanding
  • @Paul-u no problem, however allies are supposed to be in color alignment with the planeswalker they're fighting for so unless this next planewalker has red than there's no place to stick him in in this battle.
  • @pyrak really? cuz gideon has an army of black creatures too in battle for zendikkar, so I dont see a problem
  • Valid point, I actually thought about it for mono colored planeswalkers of having a secondary color stated for having a little more than just one color to work with for creatures. Mainly I'm looking for uniformity in the colors that way it's not a planeswalker with a bunch of randomy colored creatures but rather a planewalker with allies that they relate to and often would work with. For example Kastro and Greak worked together well in story because Kastro's a earth/fire elemental magic user mainly red, but also with a green edge (next version of him will be green red), and Greak's turn land into land creatures is highly in Kastro's area.
  • @pyrak If you have read Ragnul, then you see how he goes a little well with Maximus, so he might be a good pair
  • @CrucibleOfHate can be either one if you'd like
  • About 12 hours left for this fight, will be Maximus's opponent. It's the desert dwelling earth mage vs the steampunk undying master of shadows and mind magic.
  • Scion of the Blackmind

    Kevin gets more life loss.
  • Can't wait too see how it goes!
  • "Yes, yes, you're looking to bind bind a rogue lava elemental to a mountain? Doable but tricky, and not my expertise," the disgusting goblin summoner told Maximus. "Since it'll be quite a difficult job, I'm going to have to push the price up, seven hundred gold. Three hundred beforehand, and the other four upon completion."

    "What? That's ridiculous, five hundred and fifty," Maximus stated back.

    "Seven hundred, you want that elemental bound, than you're paying the full seven hundred, otherwise you can go find someone else to do it for you," the Ragnul snarled back.

    Knowing he couldn't win this battle, and really needed to Greak sealed away, "very well, I'll take you up on your offer though it be a robbing." Maximus reached into a money bag, and began counting out coins. He was part way through counting out the coins when a blast of darkness through Ragnul across the room.

    From the entrance came a cloaked figure, "Ragnul, do you know who I am?" His voice sounded sooth, silky and hollow, and his voice projected, not loud just strong.

    The goblin looked at the shadowed figure, shaking, "what? It can't be you died, I saw it, it can't be."

    "Foolish goblin, I am not so easily killed as it would seem, dragons have been known to be rather relentless," as he spoke a pair of ghastly black wings appeared on his back. "As well as a tendency for swift retribution, while I much do enjoy studying and philosophy, that by no means makes me a person without capability for taking action."

    "Dragon? But I thought you were a human..." a bolt of darkness came flying at him again, but this time it was intercepted by Maximus.

    "Whatever or whoever you are I'm afraid I can't let you kill him yet, I need him for one job than you can can finish dealing with him," Maximus warned. He got ready for fighting, already calling forth the energy for casting spells.

    "Unfortunately I have a time table to keep to so I must do this and move on, I am,sure you can find another able to privide you with the same services as he." Dark energy began to also build up around Kevin.

    Seeing that there would clearly be no way around it, Maximus made the first move, manifesting the energy, creating a large whisp-o-willow like being. Excruciating pain suddenly flared up in his head as he felt his mind being scoured by an alien presence. Through the pain he continued to call forth manifestations.

    Ragnul, snapping out of his stupor, charged at Kevin attacking him desperately with his ceremonial dagger. Kevin mostly remained unharmed recovering while he continued his assault on Maximus's mind.

    Kevin, however was quickly loosing ground to the much quicker, even if less powerful Maximus and his temporary ally. As it were things weren't quite over yet, for a Scion of the Blackhand can through the entrance, one who also had a grudge against Ragnul.

    The mind attack continued, but now something shifted, Maximus could feel his life draining away as though the mind attack was also doing physical damage. Bloodied, and battered he finally built up enough energy to finally bring forth several much more powerful manifestations.

    With more allies Kevin might have had been able to deal with the manifestations, but he didn't come prepared to fight particularly difficult opponents. He also didn't come here to fight Maximus, but to take care of Ragnul so he woukd no longer be a nuisance. Shadows wrapped around the now pathetic looking summoner until his form coukd,no longer be seen. An instant later the shadows vanished and the goblin with them.

    "My condolences to your inconvenience, I do hope that we can go about things in a more civilised manner next time we meet," with that Kevin also disappeared. The Scion of the Blackhand took that as his cue to exit and also slipped away before becoming the target of retribution himself.

    This left Maximus in the goblin's shabby home, who quickly let go of the manifestations, and clutched his throbbing head, mind attacks genuinely weren't pleasant and recovery took time. However he now,was back to hunting down a way for sealing Greak away for good so he would no longer be causing mass destruction and chaos.
  • Looks like that one was even longer, had to work my creative juices a bit to figure out how to fit Ragnul in, but in the end I think it worked out good enough. Anyways if you can't tell Maximus gets that round, Kevin's powerful, but he's much slower than Maximus.

    Anyways let the next match begin, just need two planewalkers and creatures on both sides (the more the merrier) and I'm running out of planeswalkers I've already made.
  • Well first off I want the planewalkers coming from different people, and two those are pretty op for planewalkers. I'm about to get some sleep but later I'll put some real input on how to make them more balanced and more to the mtg standards if you'd like.

    Anyways which one do you want for,the first battle, the other can be one of tomorrow's planewalkers.
  • I'm not good at making planeswalkers but here's one
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    Well that case let it be Tsaro vs Oran, looks like Oran could use some help clearing out a infestation.
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    Hopes this helps with the Infestation

    I just read over the card Sword is supposed to be Hand lol
  • oops fogot to log in for that one :P ^
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