Make Your Planeswalking Pet!!

You're a Planeswalker going on long heroic journey and you want a companion. A little friend to follow you around and wag its tail (if it has one). So pretty much I want you to make the awesomest pet possible. You may wonder how your pet can planeswalk with you. Well you could also ask how your clothes can planeswalk with you. I'm not sure that's a good argument but just roll with it.
The pet that makes me the most jealous will win.
1st: 10 favs
2nd: 5 favs
3rd: 1 fav
Here's me:
Here's my pet:
An Orangutan riding a Unirabbit, completely normal.

Rules: 1 Must be legendary
2 rare or mythic
3 you must name your pet
4 enter as many as you want but specify which one you want to be judged.


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