Becoming Noticed on Cardsmith

I bring this up after seeing Paul-u's recent discussion and way after the discussion on becoming " popular " .

The foremost ways to get noticed on the site are :

1. ) Enter contests and maybe start your own.

2. ) Give positive, constructive feedback.

3. ) Go with the flow.

4. ) Of course, make good, realistic cards. Don't forget to capitalize and use correct grammar.

5. ) Don't make cards with keyword soup or cheap 20/20s. You will end up on WhyMTGCardsmith one day unless that is your intended goal.

6. ) Use appropriate art and censor inappropriate words if you use them with * . That is the usual here.

Feel free to add to this list.


  • People need to stop seeking such lofty desires.

    Make cards and have fun, mingle, try, fail, improve, help. Treat this site like you would high school. You're only gonna get noticed easily if you do something stupid. Talk to people, contribute, work at it. Relationships take time, overnight success won't happen. Even if you have the 'it' card, you're 15 minutes will burn out quickly. Consistent, concise, constructive.
  • Be willing to accept feedback as well. People want to help, and you might not always agree, but sometimes that feedback makes your card better and people remember that you listened to them... even if you didn't use their ideas
  • @Suicidal_Deity
    I'd have to agree with you. Most of the users here are here solely to make cards.
  • @Damnation

    Exactly. I do understand interaction is needed lots of times, but if you are really struggling, then you post a discussion in the boards asking for help. Aside from -needing- help, it should never be an issue about feeling dejected or not.

    People see my s*** because I have posted so much stuff on Disqus that people started following me, and then they in turn see my posts and investigate. But even with all that I've personally done, not a lot of people follow me. It's a long effort to become noticed and known on this site. People think that because there are smiths like myself, yourself, Corwinnn, Ransom, Tomigon, Beeswax, who seem to have a grouping of followers always checking out there cards, that that status is easily obtained and quick to flourish.

    Our culture has shifted to such that nobody waits for anything, instant gratification is needed or else boredom and annoyance ensue and sway people further from their goal.

    And while you wait for people to notice you, just make a bunch of cards, check out others, interact in contests/challenges and also general discussions.
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