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[ Disclaimer : This discussion has been prompted by behavior I view as threatening to the site. ]

This is more of a rarity on the site, but a certain card has prompted me go over some basic stuff we should know about chatting on Disqus and the Forums.

1. ) If you intend on using explicit language, cover it with a * .

2. ) Do not behave to purposely anger other users. [ I'm staring at a certain user. ]

3. ) Do not behave to ignite negatively-impacting arguments. This does not mean arguments over how powerful a card is and the like. I mean a full-blown argument with explicit language, retorts, and slander toward other users. [ I'm still staring at the same user. ]

4. ) Be wary of how you act and " speak " on Disqus and the Forums.

5. ) If you want to start a flame war, don't bother.

Watch your arrogance, people.


  • It's me, isn't it... I do apologize... I've always told my kids... People who use bad words just don't know enough words, and it's been a while since I learned any new words besides "Fleek" and "Ratchet" which is apparently NOT the same word I've been using all these years
  • I'm sorry, @Corwinnn, but to me, this does not look like the right time to be sarcastic.
  • Sorry, everyone for my boorish conduct. :P
  • I do get carried away from time to time ;D
    For anyone who may have missed it...
    Here are the official rules for the Forum

    What we need to remember on this site is that a majority of our card makers are pretty young. I know of quite a few who are in the range of 12 to 15. My son turns 15 tomorrow, and I try to talk to everyone here like I talk to him, which is the same way I want him to talk to others. He does not like foul language or rudeness, he's amazingly smart and he does enjoy his sarcasm (but I can't figure out why)

    I've heard this is the nicest card making site out there, but I can't say from experience, and I think what Damnation is alluding to , is that we would like to keep it that way.

  • @Corwinnn - Yes, that sounds much better.
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