One Drop Challenge

Hi, everyone. So I recently judged a reactivation challenge and now I'm drunk on power. So here's my first challenge. And it's all about 1 CMC cards. That's it. No other restrictions* other than it has to cost 1 mana. The building blocks of most decks and home to classics like Giant Growth, Thoughtseize, Path to Exile, Delver of Secrets and Lightning Bolt.

*Actually, there are some restrictions:
- No X mana or Phyrexian mana entries
- max 3 entries per person

Criteria are balance, creativity, flavour and constructed playability. Spelling, punctuation, grammar and appropriate art selection are all important too.

1st place: 10 favourites of your choice
2nd place: 5 favourites of your choice
3rd place: 3 favourites of your choice

Next Sunday (15th)

Have fun!


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